(PART 10): Porous borders and national security in times of national emergency and unparalleled adversity


This espousal, therefore, is my call to all humanity to like the prodigal son retrace their step, consider their way, re-examine themselves, seek the good way, ask for forgiveness, repent and return to God. And now is the time for those who have ears to hear, to hear.


Despite this OPOSITE ALIEN, going about changing mankind’s way of life in the opposite direction, now is the time for the peoples of the world to come together and find solutions to contain and halt the ubiquitous tendency of these unseen forces now ravaging the human community forcing a sort of social apartheid on the nations of the world and all of their peoples.

As members of the broad human family, once this enemy is chased out of human community, the peoples of the world need to sit down together at the global arena/town square and ask very searching and pertinent questions.

For example, the peoples of the world through the UNO need to ask China when, how and why was COVID-19 allowed into the human community?

Why did China fail to be a good gatekeeper in her own portion/part of the world?

“Beneath our night

a sun awaits us…”

  • Otto Rene Castillo (Quoted in Ojaide, T., 1989:2, the endless song).



“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”, Mark 16:15.

All the so-called preachers in Nigeria of today, delivering Inspirational Philosophy, Motivational and Developmental Psychology from the pulpits and calling such self-help as the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and living big at the expense of their very gullible flocks with the money contributed by their congregations as tithes and offering and other type of money they have induced their flocks to give through their sales marketing oratory and through the sales of their rubbish books must be made aware that Christians are not called to be boasting about the place and disrespecting the laws of the land as the African Pentecostal  pastors are want to be doing all the time in the face of glaring poverty and general hardships in the continent, including the prevalent insecurity in every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

Please refer to this prophecy, read and reflect: http://vigilance-securitymagazine.com/news/general/nigeria-watch-international/10137-the-four-dreadful-judgements-against-nigeria-and-the-world-sword-and-famine-and-wild-beasts-and-plague

“Nigeria is big enough for all of us and I believe that the Igbo, Middle Belt and the Yoruba are the true Nigerians because if you look round our borders, people came from abroad and are still coming but Ndigbo have always been there, Middle Belt people have always been there, even Yoruba have always been there. “People who came in yesterday who have a duty of respect are now the ones talking. Going forward, we must create a federal democracy that will respond positively to all the aspirations of our people not about East-West but all about working together in equality, bringing in the youths and the women to build a new Nigeria.” Ouoted in Vanguard.

***Read more at: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2020/03/igbo-still-marginalised-in-nigeria-gowon/

  • General Yakubu Gowon, Father of the Nigerian Union and its arch defender…famously known for these eternal words of his to the Nigerian people and posterity:
  • Therefore, Rehoboam Muhammadu Buhari must learn from the FATHER OF MODERN NIGERIA, and pledge to GO ON WITH ONE NIGERIA (GOWON).
  • If Buhari is a wise man, now is the time for him to rededicate and commit himself to NIGERIANISM as his greatest service and FINAL ACT to the nation and the coming generations of Nigerians. Our greatest gift and glory are not in oil, but in our diversity. Unfortunately, bigot Muhammadu Buhari is a misfit in that exalted office, so incapable of leading the nation to celebrate that diversity.

(PART 7): Porous borders and national security in times of national emergency and unparalleled adversity

“The government of a country is the government of its king without question. If the king is a Muslim, his land is Muslim; if he is an Unbeliever, his land is a land of Unbelievers. In these circumstances it is obligatory for anyone to leave it for another country.” – Uthman Dan Fodio.

Psychopaths In Government…in Condemnation of Tyranny and Perversity

I will define the rule of lawlessness as a bestial/brutish and an ignominious behavioural tendency or practice unashamedly exhibited to promote, encourage and advance the philosophy, ideology of amorality and anarchism, whereby the laws of society and such others – rules and regulations as empowered any constituted authorities to act on behalf of the state for the smooth running of governance, harmonious and peaceful co-existence amongst the citizenry such as court orders are disdainfully treated with utter contempt, disrespect, indignity and impunity. The rule of lawlessness argues that there is not a thing as the rule of law in nature and in the world.

According to the principles of the rule of lawlessness, the good way is in fact, the bad way; whilst the right way is the wrong way. This being the case, untruth is the truth, and fake news is the real news!

RoL further argues that the so-called rule of law was an invention of the softie and weak-minded so-called democrats and the powerless, but loquacious humanists in control of the global media, who whenever they are about to lose an argument or perceive a potentially disadvantaged position in the body politics or on any given issue, would be the first to scream out and continue to like unruly mobs holler to whoever may care: RULE OF LAW! RULE OF LAW! RULE OF LAW!

“Son of man, tell that cursed and barren fig tree not to proceed any further.”

Series: Pray, pray and pray for the peace of Nigeria.

Sovereign Lord: And the Lord said to me: son of man, why sit ye under a cursed and barren fig tree that has not offered you shelter and brought you any solace and succour for over five seasons?

Son of man: Sovereign Lord, though the fig tree be cursed, dry and barren, sit I under it for the redemption of the House of Nigeria, hoping it might sprout leaves anew this coming spring, for the shelter and peace of these thy great people, even the Nigerian people.

Sovereign Lord: Son of man, until the rocks bring forth leaves and honey then.

Son of man: Sovereign Lord, never in all Nigeria was it ever told or heard that ever the rocks do bring forth leaves and honey.

Sovereign Lord: Then look up to the hills and write down what thou seeth and declare it to the accursed and barren fig tree.

Son of man: By the Lord Jehovah, I do hereby to the accursed and barren fig tree decree and declare: *MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.

Sovereign Lord: Let with immediate effect the judgement come on the accursed fig tree as thou hath decreed against it and in its stead, let a good tree be planted.

Son of man: And as soon as I became human again, I dipped my pen into the ink well and began to write as the Spirit uttereth:



Behold the cracks presently in and around the HOUSE OF NIGERIA

    1. Sharia
    2. Hisbah Police & CJTF
    3. Boko Haram/ISWAP
    4. Muhammadu Buhari’s Intifada against the Christian community in Nigeria
    5. Pastoral jihadism, territorial expansion, cultural and linguistic imperialism
    6. IPOB
    7. Sunni vs. Shi’ites (Hamas and Hezbollah are not playing the silent sentinel).
    8. Forest Guards
    9. Amotekun
    10. Pervasive wild and fervent of ethnic nationalism
    12. WHAT NEXT?

“Operation Amotekun was hastily conceived, hastily initiated, hastily thought over, hastily debated, hastily discussed, hastily being implemented, hastily executed, so will equally be hastily enforced by its Bacchic enthusiasts – the operators whose mindset will be that of regional armed forces (RAF).”

Please visit also: www.vigilance-securitymagazine.com


“…securing a nation state is the collective responsibility of all of its citizens, both private and corporate.”



In view of the current threats to national security coupled with the unparalleled national adversities into which the nation has been plunged since Muhammadu Buhari rode back to power in 2015, we are compelled by national duty and an unalloyed patriotism to alert the Nigerian authorities and the Nigerian people again, especially having been doing so in the last 27 years about the porosity and incomparable vulnerability of the nation’s national and international borders.

These two very worrisome states of the nation’s borders – North, South, East and West are such that foreign elements have been sneaking in and out to commit all sorts crimes, and having so done, sneaked out, lamentably sometimes, with the aid of even the statutory gate keepers of the nation’s borders and some very unpatriotic elements in our midst, bent on collapsing the Nigerian Federation for pecuniary gains.


By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion.

There on the poplars     we hung our harps,

for there our captors asked us for songs,     

our tormentors demanded songs of joy;     

they said, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion!”

- Psalm 137.

JOHN ODEY ADUMA in this article takes a hard and very reflective look at the nation’s odyssey thus far, especially after 105 years since the amalgamation and laments that the people of the Upper and Lower Niger are not yet able to integrate and cohere as a people of one indissoluble nation under one destiny, one philosophy, one vision and under one God, with the country having been further divided by the Arabists into SHARIADOM AND CHRISTENDOM. Of equal lament for Mr Aduma also is the fact that an army of occupation from the East through their local agents and collaborators have besieged the West African State of Nigeria, holding her in captivity and pillaging her resources and actual wealth in a manner he would like to chronicle for posterity as: The Pacification of the Christian tribes of the Lower and Upper Niger, paving the way for the introduction of total and mindless sharia in the polity.


  • He further laments that Nigerians are known more for their often-ignominious rancour, political vendetta, aggrandizement, nepotism, regionalism, ethnicity, practise of hereditary privilege, socio-politico-cultural pollution, otherwise known as corruption, than being a people of one nation.
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