Trumpet blasts summoning all Nigerians to the construction site.


Throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria, the bugle is being blown to summon all Nigerians to answer this national call.

This call is to be Nigerian in all things Nigerian without recourse to ethnicity and violence; this call is to be humane in all things and be selfish in nothing.

*It is a summons to integrity, courage, to excellent service to humanity; this call is to every Nigerian to occupy their minds with serious things; to wipe out injustice and lay the foundation of an egalitarian society of fraternal proximity; to be punctual to work and to be committed to our employers.



Photo credit: The Nation.

The Nigerian spirit is the spirit that stirs up the best in Nigerians. It constitutes great visions and great dreams; dreaming big dreams and seeing to their realization; a giant will and a spirit of invincible determination; marvellous possibilities, resilience and boundless elasticity; bulldog tenacity of purpose; selflessness and loyalty to fatherland; the highest level of patriotism; giving God a prime place in the Nigerian mind and in national life; a strong abhorrence for religious bigotry and irreligiousness of religion; an enterprising and an inquiry mind; an excellent spirit; dedication and devotion to duty; a spirit so strong that it cannot be discouraged; the truth, without which a citizen is not free; fearlessness; confidence in self, the fatherland, humanity and posterity, yet very humble; a sense of nationalism rather than ethnicity; absence of avarice and thievery; honesty and integrity; a sense of community rather than individualism – being one’s brother’s keeper, creating a sense of sanity in one’s little corner in the midst of endemic or pervasive corruption; walking tall without entertaining grasshopper complex, the spirit to say to oneself after the accomplishment of a great task that the best is yet to come; the ability to recreate one’s world, where one is thoroughly dissatisfied; utmost enthusiasm rather grumbling; time consciousness rather than getting hooked to the so-called African time; a high sense of moderation instead of unbridled ostentation and acquisitive tendency; a great sense for details and observation; a sense of service rather than pecuniary consideration; observance of the country’s laws, and maintaining order in order to keep the peace.

The Nigerian spirit is to be cultivated and practised.

June 6, 2001.


  • JOHN ODEY ADUMA, author of the bestseller: “Be a Beacon of Hope in the World: A Message to Young Britain” was formerly Executive Secretary, Foundry Association of Nigeria, (1997-2000), National Coordinator, The Pastoral Resolve, (General Muhammadu Buhari’s Pastoralists NGO; and Chairman, Editorial Board of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc, 2000-2003.

"Had Israel, Hezbollah and Hamas

Shown such an unparalleled restraint,

The Middle East would not be

The field of blood that it is today.

Had the US and Britain not lapsed into

Conspiratorial etcetera in the resolution

Of the war between Israel and Hezbollah

That senseless war would have ceased long ago."




 “Come,” they say,

“let us destroy them as a nation,

so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”

  • Psalm 83:4

The land here is not for grazing

nor for colony,

nor for your habitation.

And you are not a part of the land here,

so are not part of our heritage and inheritance

Therefore, go away!



                       JOHN ODEY ADUMA