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The Dome of Shame and the Headquarters of the Neo-colonial Apostles in Nigeria.



Is it indeed, a total lack of ideas or just a Leviathanic folly that some amongst us have gone to the universal colonial junkyard, at a time when this writer is working on a project of international magnitude aiming at decolonising the African mind and re-orientating their psyche, including decolonising the African educational system by binning the colonial education the colonialists left Africans with, African languages, cultures, economy, politics, social life, dietary intake/habit, etc, to pick and dust a ‘rubbish’ that had been binned since 1978 to become once again, our national anthem?

That nation has never had it so bad as this time when all the people in government are severally, neo-colonial apostles, having no belief nor confidence in themselves, nor in country nor in all Africa, including things Nigerian and African.

If indeed, despite the magnitude of the challenges facing the nation and the Nigerian people such as BATGEDDON, manifesting in various ways as BAT-suffering, BATflation, BAT-frustration, BAT-depression, BAT-hunger-famine, BAT-trauma, BAT-high cost of living, BAT-high rentals, BAT-suicide, BAT-homicide, BAT-familicide, BAT-femicide, etc, all arising from BAT-bad governance, a new national anthem for Nigeria is the highest priority that the thieves and robbers and their cronies are desperately concerned about, then what is so difficult in calling for a new national anthem that is authentically Nigerian – written/composed with its tune sung by Nigerian composers – singers, musicians, etc?

What exactly is so difficult in composing/writing a new national anthem if the current one has suddenly for reason/s best known to the crooks and criminals in exalted places been found to be highly deficient, including failing to meet national aspirations, emotions/emotivity, goal, philosophy, vision, dream, patriotism as well as failing to encourage and promote unalloyed patriotism to fatherland, national unity, integration and cohesiveness through the instrumentality of the much-desired EDI virtues needed very madly at this time for an egalitarian society to take roots?

Couldn’t the sponsor of that bill, another BATffervescent rubbish, reported to have been sponsored by Julius Ihonvbere, a supposed Professor of African politics and his gang have firstly embarked on a nationwide consultation and afterwards, an equally nationwide debate on the proposed bill – and if the majority of Nigerians suffering under BAT-yoke reasoned their way, proceeded then to invite Nigerians to forward entries in form of compositions and renditions regarding the proposed new national anthem for consideration by a duly constituted committee of pre-eminent Nigerians – academics, politicians and political officials, civil servants, and from the business and the professions to carefully meet in a very serene environment to select from all the entries from Nigerian writers, musicians and composers, and afterward presented to the Nigerian public to debate it for subsequent approval by them?

By the way, why the rush?

Or it is part of the reason, including establishing a Base by the USA in Nigeria the West have, albeit temporarily, said to BAT: THY SINS ARE FORGIVEN THEE?

But how long shall we continue in this disbelief in ourselves and in things Nigerian, and by extension, African?

Even in the 21st century as in the colonial era, through the 60s, we have not only lost ourselves and our bearing, but our collective true being as a people, including losing our odyssean plot, sense of purpose, dream, philosophy, ideal, national and cultural identity because of our ungovernable appetites for things foreign, especially European as well as what we eat, drink, wear and the type of education and training – the colonial education that has been handed over to successive generations of Nigerians and African, which across centuries, we have left them unreviewed! No wonder, all the diseases that were once common to the West only, are all now domiciled in Africa, killing our people in droves in the face of hospitals in Africa, being mere “consulting clinics.”

Are Ihonvbere, his fellow colonial apostles at the Apex Legislative Assembly (ALA) and that chief of the colonial apostles in BATland who are bent on reviving colonialism and imperialism in Nigeria, including Arabism, Islamism and Fulanism hoping to please their masters and financiers in far off Europe, America and in the Arabian Peninsula aware of the wisdom that guided the jettisoning of the old national anthem – NIGERIA, WE HAIL THEE, composed by Lillian Jean Williams, a British colonial agent by the founding fathers of the Nigerian Federation together with the military under General Olusegun Obasanjo?

If not, why did they not research?

Or is Julius looking for a Fellowship grant from the West after the life span of the current Legislative Assembly?

Upon cogitation, the only reason I came up with was the fact that the proposal to revert to the old Nigerian national anthem came from a professor as in Nigeria, and Africa, once you hang a professorial ‘epaulette’ on your ‘shoulder’, every person begins to assume you are all knowing – omniscient and omnipotent, the alpha and omega of knowledge, especially when these so-called professors, Wole Soyinka included, dishonourably give that sort of omnipotent, omniscient impression by seizing every slightest opportunity the media and Memorial Lecture and Summit organizers in that country offer to comment on every subject under the sun, moon and stars, including giving lectures in all things/subjects outside of their specialist areas, including EMILOKANISM & BATism, when these Nigerian professors in fact, are mere political, social, economic, literary, cultural, linguistic charlatans and impostors of the worst order as well as being mere intellectual pygmies and Lilliputians, parading the corridors of power, moving in and out, hobnobbing with every thief and robber in power to put food on their tables, in addition to using such ignominious association with the rogues, bandits, kidnappers and destiny killers in power to get political appointments, contracts for themselves and their families, thinking by this shame, they have permanently secured the future of their family members through the shameful act of hereditary privilege, instead of encouraging and promoting competitive performance and EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) in public appointments and other things within the Nigerian Federation.

It is thus, my very strong warning to all concerned not to pass that bill, put it on hold for now, and perhaps, after a nation-wide consultation and debate as to the necessity and reasonableness of such a venture at a time of pervasive BAT WAHALA such as this.

But can the SONG OF NIGERIA as below be considered as the nation’s NATIONAL ANTHEM, for since written, all across the globe, say it reads like a national anthem.

If we are a serious people and have been seen by the world to be serious, since the 60s up to date, the name Nigeria ought to have been binned long, long ago, for NIBE FEDERATION (from Niger and Benue rivers) as I have proposed over two decades ago.




                       JOHN ODEY ADUMA




Nigeria, great country, destined to rule the world

There’s no nation in the world as great as our Nigeria.

With God, this Nigeria, God’s own beloved nation will rule the world.

Yes, Nigeria, God’s own beloved nation, shall someday rule the world.

God, Creator of the heavens and the earth,

Help us to live together as one, brothers and sisters,

Accepting one another despite our differences

Understanding and forgetting such differences.

And working together side by side with our children

To build a strong and virile nation where in our diversity,

Every citizen is treated equally and fairly.

God of Nigeria, give to all those to whom you have entrusted

The task of governing Nigeria to govern well in a manner that will glorify you.

Give them the grace not to think highly of themselves,

But to in their entrusted little corners think of themselves as servant-leaders;

O God of Nigeria, give our leaders the grace to be selfless and patriotic;

Give them wisdom and hearts large enough to love and serve all;

Keep them away from greed and corruption,

So that instead of asking, “What’s in it for me?”

They will ask, “What’s in it for all of us?”

Give them the grace to in judgement be impartial, remembering the poor in our midst;

Showing no respect to persons, but acknowledging you always as the God of Nigeria who has placed them in authority over us;

Give them the wisdom to be broad and whole in thinking and in judgement.

And let them embrace strategic thinking and shift away from oil and genuinely diversify the economy.

O God of Nigeria, implant in the heart, mind, spirit,

soul and body of every Nigerian, love for each other,

Respect for each other in an atmosphere of peace,

Surpassing all understanding and having respect for one another’s faith without recourse to religious bigotry in dealing with one another

On daily basis, in truth, word and in deed.

Let this spirit of love permeate every fabric of our society

So that whether in the North, South, East or West of our country,

We shall in peace and harmony live together, doing justice to one another in an atmosphere of fraternal brotherhood,

In a country where there’s no North, no South, but one Nigeria;

In a country where there is no division as to ethnic nationality, but one Nigeria;

In a country where there’s no division as to indigineship, settlership, but citizenship only;

Where all Nigerians are citizens of one great and indissoluble nation,

Having one mission, vision, one dream, one philosophy, one purpose, one destiny with one commonality

As one people, set to take over the world in all things - politics, science, innovations, technology,  sports, agriculture, cultures, standard of living, social welfare and per capita income, etc.

Help us to build a nation where no one will be persecuted, killed for embracing or belonging to a faith;

Give us the spirit as a people to strive for excellence, competitive performance instead of the usual recourse to hereditary privilege;

Help us to do God and not religion, church or mosque.

O God of Nigeria, give us the wisdom, courage to bring up

Our children in the fear and nurture of you;

Give them and the coming generations the grace not to give up on Nigeria;

But that they should act their own part in the rebuilding of our Nigeria,

Never to be bitter, but be sufficiently angry

to challenge the status quo, committed, loyal and patriotic.

And when they shall ask us in this national odyssey,

“Are we nearly there?”

Let us then respond with love and inspiring words that

“We are not nearly there yet, but on our way:

And we shall arrive very soon on eagle’s wings.”

Yes, we shall soon arrive on eagle’s wings.

And some day our Nigeria will rule the world.

Again, we sing the song of Nigeria in unison:

Nigeria will rule the world!


653 WORDS.


***The composer is happy to modify The Song of Nigeria to suit the purpose of a national anthem, but please call for entries nationally, both at home and in the Diaspora, for if the political elements in Nigeria have presented themselves to the world as destitute of ideas, totally lacking creativity, imagination, innovation and inventiveness, this is not true of all Nigerians, home and abroad!

All you in that dome of blame must hang your heads in shame for passing the accursed and colonial bill! Fie, Julius! Fie, Ihonvbere! Fie, all you lots! Again, fie, I say!


BAT must not assent this very bill as it is not just a return to our ugly past – colonialism and slavery, but a great embarrassment and stupendous insult to the founding fathers of our country and to all persons of African descent.



John Odey Aduma is at the Doctoral School of SOAS, University of London.


John Odey Aduma, British Chevening Scholar, Author of The Diamonds Are Here, 2001, Be A Beacon of Hope in the World: A Message to Young Britain, 2022, and a renowned environmental journalist was born on December 13, 1963 at Okpoma, Yala in Ogoja, Cross River State of Nigeria.

He was educated variously at Christ the King’s School, Okpoma, 1969-1970; St. Mel’s Primary School, Woleche-Ebo, 1971; St. Gabriel’s Primary School, Ebo-Ipuole, 1972-1974; Christian Vocational Commercial School, Okuku, Ogoja, 1975; Faith Institute of Stenography, Shogunle, Lagos, 1976; Aladura Comprehensive High School, Anthony Village, Lagos, 1977-1982; University of Ibadan, Department of Adult Education, 1983-1984; Obafemi Awolowo University, 1985-1989, where he graduated with a B.A. (Hons) in English Studies; University of Lagos, 1991-1992, where he worked for and obtained an M.A. in English; and at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos, 1994, where he took a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism; City University, London, United Kingdom, 2003 - 2004, where he was a British Chevening Scholar and studied for his M.A. in  International Journalism with specialism in Environment; City Business College, London, 2005-2006 for a  Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies, but completed only the taught course; Voice Coaching, CSV Media, London, 2006; Radio Production, CSV Media, London, 2006 and the City and Guilds Certificate in Conflict Management, 2006.

Besides, he has attended many training courses in Planning, Writing and Production Skills on Communicating for the Environment.

He was the winner of the Nigerian Media Merit Award for Investigative Reporter of the Year and the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence, Reporter of the Year, both in 1992.

He also received a Community Service Award in 1997 and the Outstanding Staff Award of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc in the year 2001.

In 1994, he edited Lord Rumens, a book on a prominent Nigerian business tycoon and Lawn Tennis icon, Chief Ajisomo Alabi.

He was a member of the Green Environment Movement, and the Nigerian Field Society; he was on the Core Committee of the National Technology Summit and was the Summit’s Publicity Chairman, and Products & Exhibition sub-committee, 1998.

Other national and important committees on which Aduma had also served or headed included the National Planning Committee, Youth Development, Federal Ministry of Education and Youth Development, 1993; Core Committee, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF)/Ford Foundation, Kano Eastern Bypass Roadside Tree Planting Exercise, 1997; Chairman, Planning and Organising Committee, Alhaji Babatunde Jose’s 75th Birth Day, 2000, (Dr. Jose was a doyen of Nigerian journalism and was the first African Editor, Managing Director and Chairman of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc); Chairman, Planning Committee of the 7th and 8th General Murtala Muhammed’s Memorial Lecture (the late Nigerian Head of State, July 30, 1975 – February 13, 1976), 2001 and 2002; Chairman, Planning Committee of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc’s 75th Anniversary, 2001 including sitting on many national techno-industrial committees (too numerous to mention here) in his capacity then as Executive Secretary, Foundry Association of Nigeria. In that capacity, he represented FAN on the National Steel Committee of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Aduma, Communications/Environmental Consultant, Critic, Poet, Essayist, and Columnist, was formerly Staff Reporter, The Guardian (flagship of the Nigerian media) 1990-1993; Consultant/Chairman, Media, Green Environment Movement, Nigeria, 1990-2003; Senior Correspondent, The Independent Weekly, (1993-1994); Head, Environment and Property Desk, The Punch (1994-1997); Editorial Consultant and Contributing Editor, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation’s Tortoise Magazine, 1995; Contributing Editor, Pole Star Magazine (1998); Member, Editorial Board of The Nigerian Conservationist Magazine (1995-2000); Executive Secretary, Foundry Association of Nigeria, (1997-2000); Editor, Foundry Chronicle, (1998-2000); National Coordinator and Public Affairs Manager of President Muhammadu Buhari’s The Pastoral Resolve, 2000 - Major General Muhammadu Buhari was formerly Nigeria’s Head of State from December 31, 1983-27 August, 1985 and was the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2015-2023); Chairman, Editorial Board of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc (2000-2003) and Director, Media, Pronaco, UK/Europe (the Diaspora arm of the Pro-national Conference, Nigeria, which canvassed the return from military rule to democracy in Nigeria), 2005 -2007.

Mr. Aduma was one of the twelve eminent persons appointed by former President Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) of Nigeria into the Administrative Panel of Inquiry, also known variously as Presidential Panel, Commission of Inquiry, respectively to investigate the illegal trade in and smuggling of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna into and out of Nigeria in 2003.

In year 2003, he attended the Chevening Leadership Programme, (sponsored by the British Council and Shell) at the elite Lagos Business School (the Pan-African University) in Nigeria and thereafter, proceeded to the United Kingdom as a British Chevening Scholar to study International Journalism at City University, London, where he worked for and obtained an M.A. in International Journalism, with specialism in Environment.

In addition to his array of degrees and extensive experience in international journalism, environment, development, international diplomacy and international security; international relations;  international economy and politics, Mr Aduma who obtained the AET (Award in Education and Training), Level 3 in 2018 from CONEL, a Further Education College and member of the Capital City College Group (CCCG), London, also has a Further Education (FE) Certificate in Education and Training – the CET (Certificate in Education and Training) Level 4, 2018 and the Specialist Diploma in Teaching English: ESOL & Literacy, Level 5 from the same Further Education College in 2018.

He is currently the publisher of VIGILANCE-THE WORLD’S LEADING SECURITY MAGAZINE (www.vigilance-securitymagazine.com) and SCORPION NEWS CORP (www.scorpionnewscorp.com).


  • Be a Beacon of Hope in the World: A Message to Young Britain, 2022.




  • The Diamonds Are Here, 2001.
  • Lord Lumens (ed.), 1995.




The Day that Shamed all Africa and all persons of African ancestry.


***The composer is happy to modify The Song of Nigeria to suit the purpose of a national anthem, but please call for entries nationally, both at home and in the diaspora, for if the political elements in Nigeria have presented themselves to the world as destitute of ideas, totally lacking creativity, imagination, innovation and inventiveness, this is not true of all Nigerians, home and abroad!

BAT must not assent this very bill as it is not just a return to our ugly past – colonialism and slavery, but a great embarrassment and stupendous insult to the founding fathers of our country and to all persons of African descent.

God bless Nigeria, thy beloved nation.



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