Photo: NAF

So sad, so scandalous, we have been wasting our men and women in khaki for lack of strategy and zero intelligence gathering in the fight against terror for upward of 20 years now!

In tears, yet we join a grateful nation and all the world to salute your patriotism, gallantry, and unparalleled professionalism.

Our thoughts are with your families as we bid you all, one by one farewell, in this your transition home to be with Daddy, until we mee to part no more.

And to all their Ogas, the so-called Generals who do not lead battles from the trenches and war fronts, but from D’bai, five-star hotels in and around the globe, from the comfort of their homes, offices, etc, and yet hang the undeserved ranks of General, the blood of all the dead is upon you and your families until the 1000th generation!


 Williams Folorunsho Kumuyi, THE VENERABLE: Ogbuefi, Elder, Eze Gburugburu of Gbagada…is this now the real spokesman for Pharaoh Iragbiji - all the political criminals (APC)…especially the Jingo of Aso Rock, that drug dealer and whited sepulcher occupying the Unity House in Abuja; and all other such criminals – the murderers, the rogues, urban/political bandits, political and commercial kidnappers, joy killers, laugh snatchers, smile killers, fuel snatchers, destiny changers, destiny killers,  killer herdsmen in high places, official terrorists, etc, etc?

O man of God, God expects thee to speak the utmost word of truth to power, especially that whited sepulcher, called Caesar Iragbiji!

Truly, truly, Kumuyi, THE VENERABLE, ye must this week face thy brethren and the nation and tell them whether the Government now in place in Nigeria as illegitimately headed by AMODA OGUN’RE, alias Bola Ahmed Tinubu is of God or of Satan.

In continuation of his lament for Nigeria, JOHN ODEY ADUMA today, commends the *indefatigable efforts of Their Lordships, especially the Penta Judges who have been working round the clock, going through all the case files of the February 25th Presidential Election petitions, and reminding them of their sacred  oath of office, adding they should bear in mind that their services are not to any human being, but to God, fatherland, humanity and posterity.

“Therefore, she should always, whether in moments of anger or tranquillity, comport herself as an ambassador for peace, unity, justice, destined to spread love to every little corner of the globe, starting from her own very little corner.”