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From Cowcracy to Agberocrazy: Oil subsidy is Area Boy-Motor Park *Obugubugu…it does no not exist and never, ever does! Featured

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Tales of a Fuel Snatcher

In this deconstruct about the myth of oil subsidy in Nigeria which he relies on Vanguard and Sahara Reporter sources, JOHN ODEY ADUMA, whilst still agonising over the dumbing down of national standards in Nigeria, laments that the lowering of standards in Nigeria has reached a very despicable level such that a notorious/the Grand Crook of the Federal Republic (GCFR) who by national error took the oath of office on May 29, 2023 is now the one presiding over the affairs of Africa’s most populous country, calling the shots as both the ‘President’ and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, albeit by his reckoning, a mere placeholder ‘President’.

Also, Mr Aduma considers it an embarrassment to all persons of African ancestry and all humanity that like Buhammadu Muhari of Niger Republic, that agent of Arabism, 30 years of inordinate ambition to rule Nigeria could not lead crooked Amoda to produce a blueprint for that high and exalted office which he is not only illegitimate but a misfit, hence Amoda Yekini Ogunlere (a.k.a, Bola Ahmed Tinubu) of Guinea arrived in that holy and exalted ground of service, which by the reckoning of the God of Nigeria, he is not worthy of it, without an original nor native wisdom, but totally bereft of ideas, idealism and ideology.

He says despite over 30 years of ‘preparation’, Alhaji Ogunlere, the usurper, and the illegitimate Omo Odo at Gida Usmanu Dan Foduye arrived the scene taking faltering steps, starting off on a wrong foot, without a single day of honeymoon with the Nigerian people, the only such Government without a honeymoon period in the history of governance in Nigeria, by putting the cart before the horse.

Whilst Mr Aduma thinks it would have been better that this irascible, intemperate, and tyrannical Caesar and Absalom combined, be taking care of his health rather than be presiding over the affairs of our country, taking advice from the Neo-colonial West, he queries,

the sources of the idea of the recent so-called “oil subsidy removal”, seeking to know from whom it did emanate - Tony Blair or the cabal or from alias Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the fuel snatcher?

In this lament over the degeneracy of the state of things in Nigeria, Mr Aduma directly addresses his compatriots: Fellow Nigerians, welcome to Agberonomics.  

Again, welcome, fellow Nigerians to Bullionvanomics.

Again, I say, welcome to Owambeganza and Owambenomics, fellow Nigerians!

Also, welcome to gross ineptitude, the era of agberocratic policies , command, political gangsterism, political gragra and jagajaga and the era of unparalleled ethnic nationalism and agberoism.

Ladies and gentlemen, the sorry tale of a fraudster, Oloye Amoda, the petrol snatcher, who together with his family and political egrets want to be richer than Nigeria.

“Vanity upon vanity”, says the preacher. “All is vanity.”


 "Govt can’t punish Nigerians for its inefficiency "– David-West (quoted in Vanguard).

“We were not talking about fuel subsidy during Buhari. Why are we talking of subsidy after Buhari from Babangida? This is simple, our refineries were deliberately sabotaged so that we would not have enough refined product in the country. They deliberately sabotaged Nigerian refineries so that they could have importation. I went round to investigate and found that they said that the refineries had broken down. How can? They said they were doing turnaround maintenance. You have four refineries. It is like you have four cars and you take them to the mechanic all at the same time. It is fraud and they have done it deliberately. They now have some middlemen among them – There is no middleman that imports fuel without government signature. The government and the contractors collude and deliberately killed our refineries. Even a building company is importing fuel. There are over 100 of them. They couldn’t have got this contract without NNPC and government signing. The law says if you are going to import fuel, you must get your own depot. Over 40 per cent of them have no depot. That is how they are cheating the public.”


  • Tamunoemi Sokari David-West, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, 1984-1985.


The Neo-colonial agent, Amoda Ogunlere and his ilk. But whose idea was the “oil subsidy removal”, Tony Blair’s or Amoda’s?

Whichever way, it is a known fact amongst international scholars that just as the Global South want subsidy on agriculture removed, so also, do the Global North want the so-called subsidy on oil removed.

Photo credit: The Guardian.