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(PART 7): Porous borders and national security in times of national emergency and unparalleled adversity

“The government of a country is the government of its king without question. If the king is a Muslim, his land is Muslim; if he is an Unbeliever, his land is a land of Unbelievers. In these circumstances it is obligatory for anyone to leave it for another country.” – Uthman Dan Fodio.

Please refer to this prophecy, read and reflect: http://vigilance-securitymagazine.com/news/general/nigeria-watch-international/10137-the-four-dreadful-judgements-against-nigeria-and-the-world-sword-and-famine-and-wild-beasts-and-plague


Do you then still wonder why the ‘play-fight’ between the so-called Nigeria Armed Forces, including the equally so-called civilian JTF (Joint Task Force), Boko Haram and the other terrorists/Islamists has taken close to 11/18 years?

Were we asked as Barracks Boys to handle Boko Haram, first it would be an insult to be asked to face such BLOODY CIVILIANS; for engaging a band of such ragtag mobs and scavengers would be better left in the hands of new barracks boys, some of whom would have been less than twenty-hours in the barracks - JJC (Johnny Just Come sort of bloody civilians behaving like fowls in a strange land, standing with one leg). But were we the original barracks boys (OBBs) to fix such Almajirai by ourselves, an operation this writer would then have considered as belittling, we would with that anger, and all that would be required of us was to just SHOW FACE, and Boko would disappear for ever!

But if we were to follow them do real battle, we go finish them kpata-kpata for three-hour operationWHO BORN MONKEY?! Aaaah! True-true soja done go AWOL.


The organization, coordination and operations of Yusuf Buratai who has never seen real war or heard the sound of a gun in a real battlefield, his officers and men are not only unprofessionally ludicrous, laughable, but embarrassing, very shameful and they evoke immeasurable pity from the global security and defence community.

In what are supposed to be operational battle grounds, when they sit, they do so very lazily as in a gambling shop waiting to play cha-cha or kalokalo; when they stand, they stand in a very care-free manner - irresponsibly, nonchalantly and unsoldierly as in a beer parlour or a brothel veranda waiting for their turn…; when they bend down, they bend not as about to read a map to identify the enemy location/territory, but as if about to devour bowls of tuwo and when they walk, they are so unprofessionally uncoordinated as a group of wildly excited AMOTEKUN operatives staggering with legs at opposite ends, with one leg constantly knocking at the other (clanging the other) as they made their way to the launch ground in that ancient and the biggest village in the world. Hugh-hugh – oshi oda…shio, Buratai!

But have you ever watched this OBRUKUTU SOJAS whenever and wherever they are gathered very lazily and nonchalantly in their various ‘playfields’ – sorry, the so-called battle grounds, and if you do, just as I always do and do always analyse every of their operations, movements and so-called strategies which do often render them susceptible to incessant ambush by the enemies because they are always not proactive based on intelligence, but always reactive (Kangaroo strategy, or jumping about or Kadogo-kadogo strategy), you would think they are at Mammy markets waiting to order their bowls of brukutu (BKT) or kunu and pepper soup!

But how about that when the non-war General Yusuf Buratai who has taken over every job of the so-called Nigeria Police, has been leading the war on terror from the comfort of his bedroom and sometimes, probably from his hotels suites, both in Nigeria and far away Dubai, whilst making the officers and men to face the enemies with their ‘bowls’ of brukutu, kunu and pepper soup?

Oga Burata dey push his boys into the line of fire, but the non-performance of his boys could be a protest for his always leading from his master’s bedroom in his private residence or from a toilet in a cosy hotel suite in far away Dubai, as they too want to live and advance like their COAS to partake of the NASHANAL CAKE and enjoy at least a quarter of Yusuf’s lifestyle, if they cannot so live it to the full!



The likelihood of defeating or fighting terror without a national counter-terror police or national military looks very much a wishful thinking, for what you have now jumping all over the place like kangaroos are what this writer has termed BURATAI HAUSAS whose mission as they are now unleashed on the South and the Middle Belt like savage wolves, prowling about to devour the kafirs is to conquer, subdue and subjugate the Middle Belters and the Southerners in the manner of the JOHN GLOVER HASUSAS of old, and help the land snatchers who have since encircled both the Middle Belt and the South for purpose of forcing them to surrender their ancestral lands as they drop guns from helicopters to their foot soldiers – the so-called “unknown uniformed men”, urban Islamist terrorists, pastoralists terrorists, bandits, the so-called “gun men”, etc, in collusion with international Islamists/terrorists/extremists/mujahedeen, etc.

What is more, the quartets of the Arabs, Fulanis, Hausas and the Kanuris having now hijacked every national space in both the Upper Niger Area (UNA) and the Lower Niger Area (LNA), they now delude themselves that having the gun and other weapons/instruments of war and mass destruction, they think they are superior to every indigenous Nigerian and can now chase all the Middle Belters and the indigenous Southerners into the Atlantic ocean after which they intend to deep the Koran therein as a fulfilment of that Islamists/extremist, Ahmadu Bello’s total conquest theory being re-echoed by Sheik Rehoboam Muhammadu Buhari in the 21st century, that is, the eventual introduction of sharia in all South, all Middle Belt , in all North of the now NIGERIAGHANISTAN and all West Africa.

This supremacy of the gun world view is akin to might is right and the survival of the fittest dicta. But where will the headquarters of the present jihad or jihadists be sited – restore the Islamists kingdom to Sokoto or make Daura the new capital of the modern Arab-Fulani empire in Nigeria/West Africa, and by extension, Continental Africa?

Already, they have used economic/financial jihad – Islamic wealth redistribution strategy to seize the wealth of the Niger Deltans and by extension, all South and their lands and have ever since been in steady control of the minds of all Nigerians through religions, education, laws – the various constitutions made in recent times, decrees, policies, executive orders, ways of life, including the national manner and way of dressing.

And just like what transpired in the earliest centuries jihad as perpetrated by the trio of the Arabs, the Turks and the nomads, they are into slave raiding too, what is regarded in modern times simply as abductions with the Chibok and Dapchi cases as good examples; they also carry out biological or conjugal jihad either by way of raping the hapless women and under-aged girls and put them in a family way or simply sell them or marry them or marry them off to a third party. All Nigeria and indeed, Africa must ask themselves the questions: what happened in Ilorin, in Kwara State of Nigeria, where the DNA of the citizens there, mostly of Yoruba ancestry could be about 85-90% Fulani? And hold up the map of Africa and ask: what happened in the North of Africa such that the erstwhile THE LAND OF THE BLACKS or THE LAND OF THE DARK-SKINNED PEOPLE – Bilad as-Sudan is now occupied by the Arabs, who embarrassingly are members of the Africa Union, playing double game, and when it suits them, they are Africans, but in most cases, they see themselves as Arabs, belonging to the Muslim Ummah? For example, and as I had argued before, the revolution which started in Tunisia in 2010, a supposedly North African nation was tagged THE ARAB SPRING instead of THE AFRICA SPRING!

Funny enough, the Arabs who predominantly make up the North Africa today, are unashamedly claiming the Pharaohs and other historical artefacts, evidences and inheritances belonging to the original owners of North Africa – the Dark-skinned people when it is a well known fact, that the Arabs dd not/do not and have never had a history of mummification, whereas examples of mummifications abound in the indigenous DARK-SKKINED Africans in sub-Saharan Africa, especially, in this author’s ethnic nationality – Yala in the present Cross River State of Nigeria.

But at the end of the day, will you really blame the Arabs, the Fulanis, the Hausas and the Kanuris?

Other Nigerians deify them, because of the national wealth and political power in their control/hands, so they worship them and act so obsequiously before them and rankadede them a trillion times for money and contracts.

These Nigerians actually treat the Arabs, the Fulanis, the Hausas and the Kanuris like their imperial masters, and not as equals or fellow citizens of the same country.

Just look at what happened when Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, a man not better than Uthman Dan Fodio, Ahmadu Bello, Muhammed Sa’ad Abubakar III, the Sultan of Sokoto who recently boasted very disdainfully to Nigerians that he is the leader of the Uthman Dan Fodio Dynasty (But did Nigerians get the implication of the Sultan’s unguardedness?); Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari, Bello Abdulrahman Dambazau, Atiku Abubakar, Mamman Daura, Nasiru El-rufai, etc in his disdain for Christians and Southerners generally.

Unashamedly, and embarrassingly too, some were even asking him to warm up for 2023!

But why do these Nigerians who have perpetually enslaved themselves to the Arabs, the Fulanis, the Hausas and the Kanuris think that every leadership arrangement not just in the North, but all Nigeria, must end with a Fulani person, and so prop them up – whether such a person is fit for purpose/office or not, a people who indeed are new comers to the Upper Niger Areas, so are complete strangers amongst the indigenous people of both the Upper and Lower Niger Areas?

Some very naïve Nigerians do erroneously think Atiku Abubakar is or will be different – ha! Ha!

They don’t even know Atiku Abubakar is not only one of the financiers of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), but one of the cow owners whose herdsmen have been barbecuing Nigerians.

They and the Arabs even in the 21st century all have the same objectives – THE INVASION AND THE CONQUEST OF NIGERIA/WEST AFRICA/AFRICA and the subsequent introduction of sharia all over Africa.

This explains the current resurgence of Islam and fundamentalism – Islamism, jihadism, terrorism and extremism (Salafism/Wahabism) in Africa, whilst contending for the land and soul of Nigeria/Africa also, are the Shi’ites – and whilst the funds for the Salafism/Wahabism project is coming from Saudi Arabia/UAE and other Sunni Muslim majority nations, for the Shiitism/Shiism, money is coming from Iran, with Ibraheem el - Zak Zaky as its poster boy in Nigeria, whilst many others have been operating from/at the basement – and with respect to Salafism/Wahabism, Abubakar Shekau is their face/poster boy in Nigeria, and arguably in the whole of West Africa.

Nigerians and indeed, all Africans should keep sleeping and snoring. The Arabs, the Fulanis, the Hausas and the Kanuris mean business. They don’t care about Nigeria/indigenous Nigerians and Africa/Africans, but the Arab world and the Muslim Ummah. And to them, all Dark-skinned persons/persons of African ancestry are nothing, but mere kafirs/abeeds/infidels.

As an example: what is Nigeria’s foreign policy under Muhammadu Buhari. Whilst growing up, the then slogan was: AFRICA IS THE CENTRE PIECE OF OUR FOREIGN POLICY. But why is Geoffrey Onyeama not visible as a Foreign Affairs Minister to the point that Abike Dabiri has schemed him out of the scheme of things as far as that ministry is concerned and thus becoming the voice/the spokesperson for the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more so, when she is being tacitly goaded and encouraged by the South Western press in her bid to ‘push’ Onyeama into the Lagos Lagoon?


The reader is hereby reminded again that terrorists’ outfits in Nigeria and West Africa are also money-making machines/factories, and the more they kill, the more money they will get from their local and international financiers from the East and other Muslim majority nations. Whilst the terrorists and all their sympathisers – food suppliers, accoutrements suppliers, logistic suppliers, informants both in the military, in the CJTF, weapons suppliers, emirs, civil servants, etc, are using terrorists outfits such as Boko Haram to make money, Boko Haram themselves are using terrorist activities – number of attacks, number of people killed, property destroyed, particularly churches to secure funding for their livelihood and lavish lifestyles, the military guys and all around them are using the existence of terrorists outfits and their prolongation – Boko, Ansaru, ISWAP, Al Qaeda in the Maghreb to drain the purse of our commonwealth, the resources of which come from the now highly subdued and subjugated Niger Delta!


Thus, the votes to fight the war on terror in Nigeria is seen by the military top brass and their overseeing ministry as NATIONAL CAKE by some other name meant to help them to build property portfolios in Dubai, and in and around the world, in addition to fuelling their unbridled dissipated lifestyles!

Just look at the junk machines – weapons that our boys are using, imperilling their lives at the battlefields, and you would think someone had surreptitiously entered a military cantonment to steal these junk guns and armoured tanks and trucks to sell to them – the whole so-called fights against terror by the Nigerian military looks every way a joke – sometimes one wonders if it is a sort of clash between one Area Boys sector and another as the Buratai Hausas attempt always to push the junk tanks at places that were supposed to be battle zones, thus requiring extra vigilance, seriousness, dedication, commitment and unparalleled determination!

BA WAHALA, but according to our former First Lady, Mama Osakwe, THERE’S GOD-O!

What is worse, a troop who are supposed to be in battle grounds, always face one direction, and when ambushed, over powered and devoured by a more coordinated and sophisticated band of the miscreants called Boko, they come out crying to the nation and the world as babies whose feeding bottles full of akamu have just been snatched from them…tee, den toto haram don tate our paps…

Jokes apart: a soldier or soldiers or communities or individuals who give/s information about the location/s of the troop/s, making the enemies to ambush and kill the boys can be identified and sacrificed.

No Sentimentality!

Because war is war. War is not love making. It is simply what the dictionary says it is, and what all humanity say it is. War is not as a man going to a pub with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate his fiancée’s birthday. It is war and nothing else. It is about killing, or you are killed. You either get rid of the bastards called the enemies, or the enemies called the bastards get rid of you – and you either ambush the enemies or the enemies ambush and barbecue you. This advice is plain and serious enough for the good soldier.

The now prevalence/pervasive (of) brutality against the Nigerian people - the BLOODY CIVILIANS - isn’t it curious that since the colonial period till the very present, it is only the Southerners and Middle Belters that do always suffer this ignominy in the hands of the notoriously well-known non-representative military and the police in Nigeria, and never ever in the core North West and North East, except in the Christian dominated communities therein?

Therefore, for the non-Arab, non-Fulani-Hausa-Kanuri, all that could be said at this juncture is: WEEP NOT, NIGERIA SHALL BE FREE. But how do you call to order or control what you do not have control over or own (?)…BA NATIONAL ARMED FORCES and BA NATIONAL POLICE as well as BA NATIONAL ASSEMBLY – everything in Nigeria is just a lie and a joke!


Territorial expansion…the military to the rescue?

It is my national and patriotic duty to once again draw the attention of the nation to the fact that policing functions have not only been hijacked by the military, the unnecessary para-military agencies that have been set up in recent times by egotistical retired Generals on being appointed ministers after their military services had ended, but equally by bloody civilians – tribal/ethnic militias, regional security outfits, the various states task forces, para-military, vigilantes, Hisbahs, Holy Police, the so- called big men and women, etc. Consequently, the police in Nigeria have not only become confused as to what really is left for them regarding their statutory functions as entrenched in the nation’s constitution, but have become supersensitive, hyperactive, and super-eruptive of late due to, amongst other things, extreme frustrations, such that at the slightest provocation, they allow their guns to speak for them – the result of which are the avoidable deaths of citizens, their colleague military and para-military aggressors and busybodies, and sometimes the deaths of the police themselves.

Also, the world is watching Muhammadu Buhari and his fellow Islamists in the Presidency; in the military; in palaces - the descendants of Uthman Dan Fodio, bent on reviving the ARAB-FULANI EMPIRE in the 21st century; in high places such as the parliament and in other public offices, how having failed to grab the lands of the indigenous peoples of Nigeria, they have now resorted to strategize on how to use the military and the police to forcefully acquire what they could not get through the so-called RUGA SETTLEMENTS, Boko Haram, ISWAP, pastoralists terrorists and the two MiCOVIDyetti Allah.



If truth must be told, the Nigerian state has lost its national soul and national bearing, and consequently, lost the Nigerian dream, essentialism and exceptionalism.

In all honesty, the marriage is not working, and it has broken down irretrievably – NIGERIA IS NOT WORKING! And it is no longer WORK IN PROGRESS, but WORK IN RETROGRESSION!


Still, it would be very appropriate to say of our Nigeria: PROJECT ABANDONED – and in this regard, we should for the purpose of proper national accountability, list Nigeria under ABANDONED NATIONAL PROJECTS (ANP), and proceed to declare wanted – DEAD or ALIVE, the Manging Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian National Construction Corporation Plc (NNCC), the major contractor handling the NIGERIA HOUSE PROJECT (NHP), Mahdi Mallam Sheik Ayatollah Nebuchadnezzar Muhammadu Rehoboam Buhari whom we learnt had been AWOL, after having abandoned the contract for the building of the NIGERIA HOUSE, and left the construction workers to their fate at the construction site. Country fifle, the heat is on; the chase is on and the search is on – DEAD or ALIVE!

It is ‘rumoured’ the contractor fondly referred to as MB by his equally good-for-nothing admirers has been running away from God, himself, his shadow, his immediate and extended families, the nation, the Nigerian people, from governing and finding solutions to the multifaceted problems of Nigeria, and equally running away from Africa/the African people and the world.

…the heat is on; the chase is on and the search is on!

Undoubtedly when the story of THE GREAT ESCAPE shall be told, included in the author’s magnum opus will be a chapter entitled: THE BOY WHO KILLED AMOTEKUN or should it rather be titled: THE GENERAL WHO KILLED AMOTEKUN or better still ABDULSALAM AND THE LEOPARD?

Meanwhile, whilst the project file at the Ministry of Construction now bears the inscription: UNFINISHED, a reward of two pence has been offered any Nigerian who can give information about his whereabouts to the police.


The appropriate Age in which the Federal Republic of Nigeria is currently; is here to be referred to by this writer as the Age of Jagajaga and Kataka, hence everything has fallen apart. And this explains why the centre cannot hold any more with anarchy having been loosed on the nation.

Although Muhammadu Buhari is the unlucky inheritor of all that are wrong with Nigeria today, with some beginning from the period of the Amalgamation, and others pre-dating the Amalgamation to the times when the Upper and Lower Niger were separate entities, he undoubtedly, has been a part of, the creator of some of the nation’s woes or problems or the undisputed catalyst for some of the ugliness that have befallen us and our Great nation in recent times.

Unarguably, it must be borne in mind by the reader that the overriding ambition/vision of Mr Muhammadu Buhari in every national space is to see to the revival of the ARAB-FULANI EMPIRE IN NIGERIA.


God bless our Nigeria and all of the peoples of the world, even at a time like this.

Yours in the service of God, our Nigeria and all of humanity.

  • Johnny Boy




** *The Voice of One crying in the Diaspora…proudly leading the NATIONALISTS UNITY MOVEMENT OF NIGERIA (NUMON).

*To be continued.



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