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The Ten Commandments for former Presidents and Heads of State on their Public Conduct Featured

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Code of Conduct for Their Excellencies


Prayerful 'Jack'...Undisputed father of the Nigerian Union. After 45 years that the civil war ended, his  prayer and wish always including advice to any Government in power (AGIP) has been to: GO ON WITH ONE NIGERIA. Bigot Muhammadu Buhari take note.

Olusegun Obasanjo: The famed letter writer who tried to feed the nation...a preacher of ONE NIGERIA, whilst recognising the fact that every Nigerian has an ethnic origin.

Aliyu Shagari: Always will be remembered for his great message to the present generation of Nigerians and posterity: ONE NATION, ONE DESTINY.

'King Rehoboam': A bigot of the worst type who has a vision of NIGERIAGHANISTAN AND ARABISM. Muhammadu Buhari sees our Nigeria simply as a mission field for his islamification project. None yet who has occupied that exalted seat in the Nigerian Federation has surpassed him in bigotry, nepotism, religiosity, tribalism, favouritism, regionalism and sectionalism. It is now clear to all discerning and conscientious humanity that Mr Buhari did not fight the civil war out of CONVICTION, but was coerced from and by the palace into fighting the war, for no sane and wise person will ever destroy that which they have helped put up!

  1. You shall not not criticise the sitting President openly in the public.
  2. You shall not compare your achievements or otherwise, whilst in office with those of the sitting President.
  3. If you have anything to share with the sitting President, you shall not do it openly via the traditional or social media or any public medium or platform, nor should you organise a press conference for the purpose.
  4. You shall also, not organise or call a press conference for the purpose of running down the sitting President or bad-mouth them.
  5. You shall avoid talking to the press openly on any burning issue/s or issues of national/international importance, especially with respect to things Nigerian.
  6. You shall simply say 'No Comment' to the press whenever they want you to evaluate or comment about the sitting President, his achiements or otherwise, his public utterances or about any member of their family.
  7. You shall not belong to any ethnic or regional association or assembly as a former President/Head of State.
  8. You shall not influence or recommend any person/s for public contracts or appointments as doing so would mean showing favouritism, nepotism, tribalism, regionalism, etc, nor should you see yourself as or constitute yourslef into law or act in a manner that tends to suggest so, or give your compatriots the impression to so think.
  9. You shall as a former President/Head of State do all your level best in whatever way possitively possible to help the sitting President and their team succeed.
  10. You shall contribute to peace, the unity and the wholeness of the nation in order to ensure harmonious and peaceful co-existence of the Nigerian people, their regional neighbours and the humanity entire.


·         As a Nigerian citizen, just what will you be remembered for when the roll is called up yonder?

·         Just what did you do when the centre could no longer hold and "mere anarchy is loosed upon" our Nigeria?

***Proudly leading the Nationalists Unity Movement of Nigeria (NUMON).

*Please read, print, photocopy and passit on!

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