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Putting a stop to APC's tissues of lies and Muhammadu Buhari's unNigerian loyalty

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SERIES: Buharism and the Fierce Urgency of Now



1. President Buhammadu Buhari has binned the "A" in APC and replaced it with "N" so the North can reclaim the Party, thenceforward to be known only to the discerning minds as the "NPC" - Northern People's Congress of yore, whose agenda he is solocratically pursuing through the unwarranted dissolution of Boards and dismantling of national institutions without opposition and without a robust debate - a situation which if it were in a military setting would still have been regarded as an aberration and an illegality borne out of crass and unparalleled despotism!


2. "Had the President an iota of a sense of history, he should have known that all of the above negativities, the pogroms of the 60s amongst many other factors sparked off the civil war that lasted 30 months."



  • Aggrieved parties in the South West may provoke a stalemate by keeping off all party activities
  • Coup
    New Elections dates
    But can the nation afford this?
    Negotiation or Re-organization of Terms, Conditions + Benefits
    Draw up a list of what you want for the nation which the Buhari's North must comply with.


Quietly initiate a new alliance of South West, South South and the Midland, but this will meet with a stonewall as our predictions of how the winners and losers in the Bola Ahmed Tinubu/South West and the Muhammadu Buhari/North would pan out have already come to pass in the emergence of the North West, North East/ North Central or Middle Belt/South East/South South doing battle with their now common 'political enemy', BAT/South West!
Dilute the current All-APC Government and form a Government of Inclusivity (GOI) or the National Unity Government (NUG) or Government of National Unity (GNU).

Work towards the recalling of the rebellious and traitorous legislators, but what do you do with Senator FOOD IS READY...Ekweremadu...EKWERE FOOD IS READY?


The list should also include the armed forces, the police, all agencies of government, board appointments, embassies/high commissions, special advisers, ministerial appointments, the president's men and women, security officers, administrative officers, media assistants, institute's DGs, etc, etc with a view to ensuring geographical spread, fairness and balance - all posts to be filled must be representative and shared equally instead of the current nepotistically motivated appointments the President had already made which as usual have placed the Hausa and Fulani/Muslims at an advatageous position.
After consolidation of power President Muhammadu Buhari binned the "A" in APC and replaced it with "N" so the North can reclaim the Party, thenceforward to be known only to the discerning minds as the "NPC" - Northern People's Congress of yore, whose agenda he is solocratically pursuing through the unwarranted dissolution of Boards and dismantling of national institutions without opposition and without a robust debate - a situation which even if it were in a military would still have been regarded as an aberration and an illegality borne out of crass and unparalleled despotism!

This being the case, all appointments the President has made so far MUST be reversed immediately, and he has just this week to do it. In a nation, it is not just highly partisan, provocative, pushing for war, divisive for the President who is supposed to be a symbol of national unity and a father to all providing an umbrella for all, seeing the whole nation as his constituency, but now turns round to be seen to be openly and unashamedly promoting favouritism, ethnicity, nepotism and regionalism and in the end, placing his own ethnic nationality, region and faith far above all other ethnic nationalities, regions and faiths, both in his actions and inactions, when he is in fact, supposed to be the ONLY person in the country to embrace all faiths and belongs to all ethnic nationalities and regions, thus be seen to be promoting NIGERIANISM, ONE PEOPLE and ONE NIGERIA with one dream, goal, mission, vision, philosophy, one world view, one aspiration and one destiny, leading all persons of African ancestry and the world!
But this is not to be because of his unparalleled bigotry, jihadi vision and an enthusiastic stooge in the hands of the infamous Arewa Consultative Forum.
Had the President an iota of a sense of history, he should have known that all of the above negativities, the pogroms of the 60s amongst many other factors sparked off the civil war that lasted 30 months.

It is now clear to all conscientious humanity that the one-team, sole/solo President Muhammadu Buhari hates all Christians and Southerners, especially NDIGBO whom he merely sees as kafirs and just an index of number from his jihadi prism, the Ahmadu Bello/Caliphate vision of capturing the whole of Nigeria and dashing it to the muslim world as part of the Muslim Ummah in the current SECOND INTIFADA whose fire is currently raging across the globe in the fervent of GLOBAL JIHAD, hence Buhari has been using delay tactics, so Boko Haram can take more territories from those areas that Uthman Dan Fodio and his band of blood thirsty jihadists could not take between 1804 and 1809 - amongst such areas include the Christian-dominated Benue Plateau axis and the North East, especially areas that were hitherto part of North Western Cameroons until the February 11, 1961 Plebiscite.
With this historical background of the global jihad dating back to the muslim world's response to the Crusade of 1091 AD, it was therefore stupid, naive, idiotic and a very deceptive pronouncement from an arch-jihadist like Muhammadu Buhari to give the deadline of three months to the VERY ill-equipped, traitorous, unwilling and complicit Nigerian military to root out Boko Haram.

What is more, the likes of Yakubu Gowon, T.Y. Danjuma, Domkat Bali, Jeremiah Useni, Victor Malu, Iyorchia Ayu, Abubakar Tsav, Jerry Gana, Audu Ogbeh, David Mark, etc who had risen to the pinacle of their careers by virtue of 'pledging' unqualified allegiance to the Caliphate and being in possession of unearned and obscene wealth with T.Y. once boasting of making $500, 000, 000 a day from an oil block, don't care a hoot, if the Caliphate through their Territorial Army/Force operating in the Benue Plateau axis of the ongoing Jihad in Nigeria which the press in Nigeria have ignorantly dubbed UNKNOWN UNIFORM MEN AND HERDSMEN slaughter all of their hapless people including children and annex the Benue Plateau which Uthman and his monsters could not conquer during the 1804-1809 jihad as part of the Caliphate.
This is the ONLY reason Buhari is delaying action in meeting Boko Haram with fierce force - just buying time for them you know, for more territories to be taken and as a strategic ploy, he has been globe-trotting, deceiving naive Nigerians he is seeking help from the outside world. Come to think of it, is Muhammadu Buhari no longer a General - imagine the then Major General Buhari taking off on 'official holidays' abroad when the country is at war and at the mercy of the enemy forces!

OGBUNIGWE shows Nigeria has the capacity to take on the world, if there is a vision and the will. Obama and his America do not owe Nigeria anything, afterall Buhari knows those who had brought the ants-infested faggots to the HOUSE OF NIGERIA. And why is T.Y. Danjuma yet to name the financiers of Boko Haram since he gave the whole world the impression they were at a chieftaincy title ceremony with him? Why haven't the kilejeku? Nigerian journalists done a follow-up to make our General give them the list of such persons; why has T.Y. not submitted the list of such enemies of the Nigerian State which he had fought the war to keep together to the police; why have the police since Danjuma had made that public outburst not invited the General for questioning?

Buhari who now moans and whines about the USA not helping, just as Gowon, Jonathan and Ambassador Adebowale Ibidapo Adefuye had done at various times, is not new in Government. But just what did he and other of his ilk do to kick start our defence industry with a view to manufacturing our own weapons - use for our territorial defences and then sell to the world - or is there is any international law that says ONLY the advanced polities/economies should manufacture weapons and sell to the rest of the World?
The hidden reason for the intensification of jihadi exploits on this axis is that in the event of Nigeria breaking up, the Middle Belters who in their reckoning would before then have been conquered would not be able to clamour for self-determination, as the South South of Nigeria would easily do. At such a time or before then, the vision of CHAD BASIN REPUBLIC (CBR) comprising Northern Nigeria, Northern Cameroon, Niger and Chad Republics should not be lost on Nigerians.

Psalm 137 (NIV)
1 By the rivers of Babylon (Cameroon) we sat and wept
when we remembered Zion (Bakassi).
2 There on the poplars
we hung our harps,
3 for there our captors asked us for songs,
our tormentors demanded songs of joy;
they said, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion (Bakassi)!”
4 How can we sing the songs of the Lord
while in a foreign land (Cameroon)?
5 If I forget you, Jerusalem (Bakassi),
may my right hand forget its skill.
6 May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth
if I do not remember you,
if I do not consider Jerusalem (Bakassi)
my highest joy.
7 Remember, Lord, what the Edomites (Cameroonians) did
on the day Jerusalem (Bakassi) fell.
“Tear it down,” they cried,
“tear it down to its foundations!”
8 Daughter Babylon (Cameroon), doomed to destruction,
happy is the one who repays you
according to what you have done to us.
9 Happy is the one who seizes your infants
and dashes them against the rocks.

Those fooling themseleves about a Buhari reviewing the case of Bakassi are simply being naive and do not know about the real reason why Southern Cameroons, once a separate province within the British protected territory was ceded to Cameroun/Kamerun in the name of the bogus plebiscite of February 11, 1961, and also these people do not know why Bakassi, clearly a Nigerian territory was easily chopped off by Nigeria's so-called major ethnic nationalities, in this case, the House of Uthman Dan Fodio using first, the Olusegun Obasanjo Administration and later the Umaru Musa Yar'Adua Government following the International Court of Justice's ruling of October 10, 2002.
And what is more, despite the fact that the Nigerian Senate rejected the transfer, since the Greentree Agreement ceding the area to Cameroon was contrary to Section 12(1) of the 1999 Constitution. In spite of this glaring legal lacuna, the territory was transferred on a platter of gold to Cameroon on 14 August 2008.

Readers and those who want to know about the truth should go and read all my writings on this. But again I ask, were Bakassi and the then Southern Cameroons in the jihadi/sharia territory of Northern Nigeria, would the House of Uthman Dan Fodio have allowed these erstwhile bonafide Nigerian territories to have been so easily chopped off?
Also, did the fire of Sharia not begin to rage and consume some Northern States of the Federation contrary to Section 10 of the 1999 Constitution and as in the case of Bakassi under the very watch of Olusegun Obasanjo, a Christian?

But why was the approval of the nation's Apex Legislative Assembly not sought before the signing of the GREENTREE AGREEMENT concerning the withdrawal of troops and transfer of authority in the Peninsula on 12 June 2006 with Cameroonian's Paul Biya by the Nigerian Government under Olusegun Obasanjo?

The politicians in the House of Uthman Dan Fodio know best and to the Cameroonians and the international community, you Nigerians cannot have it both ways, so the choice of losing territories in the Lower Niger, the minority and their vanquished neighbours and gaining in the Upper Niger as has ALWAYS been the case!
But would either Obasanjo or Yar'Adua so easily cede Badagry to the Federal Republic of Benin and any part of Adamawa in dispute to Cameroon?
The matter of Bakassi is too, too emotional, too, too complex/complicated and too, too sensitive for every political official to be using it to play politics with, raising the hope of the Bakassi people ONLY to dash it each time, when these Presidents know the truth about it.

It is a cobweb case which may be resolved as it is currently by fresh facts or by actual WAR, self-determination of the Bakassians, or the Bakassians joining the AMBAZONIAN REPUBLIC in their demand for self-determination or through a referendum as neither the people of Bakassi, their representaives nor the Apex Legislative Assembly was carried along.

Facts: Politics, politics, politics, coupled with the fact that the Nigerian Government was in a hurry to dash Cameroon the territory!
Once at the Igbo Day Celebration Walter Ofonagoro claimed ignorantly: “I want to say that Bakassi Peninsula belonged to the people of the old eastern region. But during the war, the Nigerian soldiers discovered that Biafran soldiers were their match so they opted for economic blockade of the region. It was in the process that Gowon went into negotiation with the President of Cameroon and ceded the oil rich region to them so that the blockade would be effective. We all know what happened, though some people are now feigning ignorance.

Again, because I notice that Nigeria's pseudo-intellectualls that have written on Bakassi had simply displayed their gross naivety about the inherent politics alluding to the so-called promise made by the arch agent of the Caliphate General Yakubu Gowon to Ahmadou Ahidjo, the then Cameroonian President if he supported the Federal Government whilst the civil war lasted, the pertinent question to ask here again, having done so times without number is: Were Bakassi to be in the North (Hausa-Fulani) or in the South West (Yoruba), two regions/ethnic nationalities that have monopolised the reigns of power in Nigeria since the 30-month civil war ended on January 15, 1970, would any person have contemplated ceding it to any enemy or friendly country?
Whilst you reflect on this poser, I should like to ask again: Why was Agbadarigi (Badagry) not ceded to the then Dahomey, now Republic of Benin? Why was the then Muslim-dominated Northern Western Cameroons (now Adamawa and Taraba States) not ceded to the French Cameroun just at the time South Western Cameroons was ceded to the Republic of Cameroon, which successive generations of Nigerians are being lied to in Government classes that it was because of the so-called referendum/plebiscite of February 11, 1961?

Also, would Olusegun Obasanjo have so done to Odi and Zaki-Biam what he did if these communities were to be in his South West or in the Hausa-Fulani North? With the current distresses, tensions and unncessary pressures the Nigerian political volatility has subjected the minorities in Nigeria to, both in the Middle Belt currently experiencing jihad and the general state of things - the absence of infrastructural development, gross lack of development generally in OGOJA and the whole of the Niger Delta (Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Edo, Abia, Imo and Ondo (South West, but whose case may be different from the historical and cartographical Niger Delta), not just Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta, but all the nine or eight of the nine States making up the Niger Delta, I should here again call for a summit on THE MINORITY QUESTION, having done so earlier.

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