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Why does one youngster stab another with a knife which they will never, ever dare to stab themselves with? Why are our young people killing themselves without thinking of the pains and sorrow such barbarism and bestiality will leave their loved ones with for the rest of their lives? Why do some young persons - members of the same community prey on one another with such jungle-like ferocity in the nation’s cities? Why, why are there now so many of such gruesome, purposeless, wicked and unwarranted killings in the nation’s cities as if Britain is now a land that devours its children? More worrisome is the fact that when they are hacked to death so young, what happens to their dreams, visions, goals and aspirations?

Heart-rending as these painful questions are, Be A Beacon of Hope in the World: A Message to Young Britain does not attempt to offer answers to these puzzles arising from the untimely deaths of Britain’s children through knifings. However, it seeks to act as a guidepost, compass and a Sat Nav to point young persons in the direction of the good way and on the path of civility, decency, common sense, humaneness and universal altruism, whereupon they are expected to have respect, first for themselves, for others and for all of life’s forms. Therefore, let the alarm bell which this book has triggered off to warn all young persons in Britain and the world over that to live in the fast lane is to die young, reverberate through the vista of time.



Man, who unashamedly and aggressively worked impose a very crooked willing tool and a ‘treacherous prodigal’ on the Nigerian people. Kai, Mallam, ba nationwide THANK YOU TOUR ne, eh? Eh? Eh No nationwide THANK YOU TOUR? Wallahi, diz bery scandalous.

Also, what about Fredrick Nwajagu? Let Frederick Nwajagu go, haba, Mallam.

Ama, is diz one Nanjeriya, eh, Mallam?

Amoda Yekini Ogunlere (a.k.a. Bola Ahmed Tinubu): May no one so crooked, having zero-character, integrity, and so execrated dare to enter that hallowed ground of service. A trust Government is therefore the answer to the impending dilemma.

Having backslidden to a point of no-return in their relationship with Nigeria, we can now unarguably conclude that all those times these wolves in nationalistic clothing were prowling the streets looking for whom to devour – all injustices practitioners, all tyranny and dictatorship practitioners and all corruption practitioners, including being in the trenches ‘together’ with this writer and other BB Boys (Bola Bolawale, that ultra-radical leftist journalistic warrior), during the events leading to June 12, and the subsequent annulment of that election, arguably believed to be the freest and fairest against the backdrop of other elections since the 60s till the present Buharian-Mahmoodan one, globally regarded as the worst in the history of all elections since the beginning of time, they in fact, were fighting to be called to Abuja to chop as Press Secretary/Media Advisers/ Special Assistants like their former Concord colleagues such as Duro Onabule, Olusegun Adeniyi, Femi Adesina, and to become a Senator like Femi Ojudu, and such other Food is ready-Come Chop political appointments, including mouth-watery contracts.

No wonder, they have been involved in all sorts of monkey tricks, even recruiting their former bosses, of the same Concord background to be templating themselves, hoping under Alhaji Ogunlere’s Government, God forbid, some crumbs would fall from the master’s table for them to pick!

Whilst a student at Aladura Comprehensive High School, Anthony Village, Lagos Nigeria, that great college, which by this writer’s reckoning is the best college in the world, a captivating slogan which for him was a must read every blessed day, when as a lad he would be passing by to and from school, which as a personal ritual, he must read each time was the school motto of Adebayo Mokuolu Nursery and Primary School: CHILDHOOD DETERMINES THE DAY.

And have not now these yesterday’s pretenders and hypocrites not exposed themselves for who they really are and for what they stand for – unpatriotic and monstrous ethnic bigots, and a bunch of unparalleled hypocrites, placing their very selfish interest and overweening ambitions far, far above the destiny of our nation, even our very Nigeria?

And again, that voice from the Excellent Glory has asked me to tell every Nigerian within my hearing voice and all the world to hear me loud and clear: if you must have Nigeria, have her for keep eternally as a beautiful maiden, transforming into womanhood; and for the sake of the peace and glory of Nigeria and national brotherhood, unity, cohesion and integration; truly, truly and very truly,  it is now the turn of Ndigbo to govern Nigeria – repeat, now is the time for Ndigbo to rule Nigeria – after all, the Tinubus of this world and their Fulbe/ Northern accomplices, including the Sultan Muhammadu Sa’adu Abubakars (IV) of this world, must need or rather have a country to govern for both their inordinate ambition to be watered by the effluents from the factories of simple sense as common sense is not common to all human beings.

Enter, Jimmy Cliff (with guitar in his hands singing):

(Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah)

Hypocrite, you dirty hypocrite

You're gonna pay the price some day

Hypocrites, all of you hypocrites

You're gonna pay the price some day

Words you speak from your mouth

But your heart is telling lies

Oh ho hypo -hypocrite,

You better watch out


Source: https://lyricstranslate.com, accessed: 22/04/2023.



In Search of the Nigerian Press/Media

One of my pre-election written articles observations was the preponderance of media advantage which the Tinu/Shetty (Tinubu/Shettima) candidacy had over all the other registered political parties that there are in that country, especially when it has been a known fact all along since, BAT’s Governorship days that he had most journalist in the Lagos/Southwest Press Hub in his pocket, so usually indulges them to sit in his right hand and to perch on his political hunchback like the (political) cattle egrets that they are – more, having given some of them land at the JOURNALISTS VILLAGE, EJIGBO in Lagos State, hence the prevalence of gutter/junk/motor park journalism, including dirty politics and mud-slinging journalism/politicking – a sort of if you Obi me, I will Tinubu you.

The prevalence of ethnic-orientated journalism/reportage in Nigeria, led to my work on critical journalism/reporting/broadcasting – under the title: PYRAMIDAL/TRIPODAL/TRICENTRIC CRITICISM/ANALYSIS, where I then concluded as in my earlier scholarly works in journalism that there isn’t such a thing as the Nigerian Press – conceding though that there once was the Nigerian Press, especially during the colonial era, the collective adoption of the national reporting strategy/technique, which was the hallmark of journalism during that era, culminated in the struggle for and eventual indigenous/home rule which has been in a mess ever since.

But after Indy, every press/media in Nigeria returned to their ethnic and regional tent, this, explaining why there is not a thing as the Nigerian Press/Media anymore, but the Press/Media in Nigeria, more manifest now in the polity than ever.

This is not the first time that this writer has been calling for the decentralization or the restructuring of the press hub/centre in Nigeria according to the six Geopolizones, so that at a time like this, a balance can be struck in our reporting techniques/strategies by way of first, critical thinking, then critical reporting, analyses, features, broadcasting and critical opinions cum critical Oped – Opinion/Editorial.

It is also, the opinion of this writer that critical journalism will black-out hatchet and very unpatriotic writers like elder Fani-Kayode’s hungry and vacillating, oscillating, pendulumic ‘kitten’, the very Esau of modern Nigeria, and such other commercial  image laundry writers and other public and national pollutants – like the press releasers that motor park ‘professor’ and Islamic fanatic, Ishaq Akintola, whose concerns are nothing but to have toro in their pockets from their political clients to buy food to chase away the acute famine in their houses - mark that phrase: in their houses, not in their homes as these public space excrements do not have homes nor do they come from one nor like their political master suffering from acute zero identity crisis.


Signing off: may the blood of all those who have been killed and will yet be killed subsequently be upon all the hypocrites out there in our country who have conspired to snatch the Presidency from Ndigbo and imperilled the unity and destiny of our nation.

And let me say weep no more to all Nigerians sorrowing and agonising and having sleepless nights over the events of recent times in our country that genuine change will come some day; and that someday we gonna overcome and laugh once more.

Again, I say to you: weep no more, for true change is on the way!



  • JOHN ODEY ADUMA, British Chevening Scholar, publisher of Vigilance – The World’s Leading Security Magazine, Scorpion News Corp, and author of the bestseller: “Be a Beacon of Hope in the World: A Message to Young Britain” was formerly Executive Secretary, Foundry Association of Nigeria, (1997-2000), National Coordinator, The Pastoral Resolve, (General Muhammadu Buhari’s Pastoralists NGO; and Chairman, Editorial Board of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc, 2000-2003.



*To be continued.

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