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All you peoples of the world, behold the Satan who strayed into our world!


Only Comrade Putin is a human being,

All the rest of humanity are animals,

So, he alone goes on two legs and the rest on four,

Only he is wise, the rest stupid.

He alone is entitled to life, the rest death,

Only Putin is entitled to life,

the rest destined to die and die very miserably.

Only he alone can live, the rest must die,

Only Comrade Putin must always have his way,

Others must just submit to his ignominious

wishes and opinions!

Only Putin is trustworthy, all are untrustworthy,

Only Putin is without communicable diseases,

hence others must be kept at alms length,

sitting on a longish table far away from him.

Only Putin is king and tsar, others, subjects and plebeians,

Only Putin must stand up tall and upright

despite his diminutive stature,

others must cringe before him nervously

and be subservient to his whims and caprices.

Only Comrade Putin is always right,

and all the world wrong.

Only Putin must have a voice,

the rest of the world can go to hell voiceless.

Only Putin must dictate to the world,

whilst all the world must take orders from him.

Only Putin can sing, no matter how shrill and cacophonic,

whilst all of humanity must just dance to his tunes.

Only Vladimir Putin can pull the trigger, others must show circumspection.

Only Putin is strong, powerful, showing

‘Might is still right’, others should be cowardly,

stooping before him in an unparalleled weakness and trepidation.

Only Putin can have a voice, others no voices!

Only Putin must be commanding and imperious,

others must just trust and obey.

Again, only Putin must have his fingers on both the red button

and the trigger, others must only watch, quake and pray.

Only Comrade Putin is all powerful, the rest all weak.

Only Vlad is macho and misogynistic,

everyone else is feminine, effeminate, and ineffectual.

Only Putin has solutions to the global problems,

others are simply destitute of ideas,

and every passenger on his global rickety truck,

must sit and watch, as Vlad, the driver, drives on the world’s highway full of craters.

Only Putin is malevolent and wicked,

the rest of the world must cringe before him in fear,

Only Putin cannot experience or taste death of all sorts,

the rest of the world must merely organise nation by nation

talk shops to analyse, dissect and interpret his malady.

Only Putin can hack into the websites of critical services

in the nations of the world, all the rest must merely warn and warn him.

Only Comrade Putin can cross the red line of decency

and violate human rights of persons, nations, and other human beings, all the world must act in sheepishness and each time resort to mere warnings.

Only Putin can bomb and bomb, pound and pound, shell, and shell,

destroy and destroy and destroy and destroy,

but all the world sleeping and snoring in cowardice.

Only Vlad can spy on all the world, but the rest of the world can merely grin and just sigh, and perhaps, cackle for his pleasure.

Only Putin is honourable and worthy, others are dishonourable and shameless.

Only Putin can set boundaries for the rest of the world to respect and comply with,

but the rest of the world can set boundaries which he will disregard with utter disdain.

In all the world, there is not one to advise Putin and call him to order,

Nor Putin himself can advise, caution, and set boundaries for Putin,

Nor call Putin to order as Putin’s under the influence

and controlled by a legion of monstrous demons from the Blackest Darkness.

Putin can tell the world to “mind the gap” and its business,

but all the world can tell him none of these.

All the world can consult him,

but Putin cannot consult the world,

Nor himself being under the control of an evil genius

that tosses him here and there, left, and right,

like a drunken mob or gangster

or a reed shaken by the winds,

for he’s in his own world, isolated by all humanity,

and lost in his own world.

Putin looks for the truth from the world,

but refuses to give same to the bewildered, befuddled, and helpless world, but rather chose to fill the world with 24/7 disinformation.

Putin has always carried on or conducted himself

as a man who owns the world

and all the world his very estate,

and all the world live forever in fear of him

as labourers in a vineyard living

in perpetual fear of the owner.

And he alone is all knowing, the rest of the world know nothing!

Still, Putin is security conscious and the world just grope

in the dark oblivious of the lurking dangers in their environment.

But who will send this devil back into the deepest part of hell,

and rid the world of the monster?

  • British Chevening Scholar.

*Written on March 14, 2022, on Circle Line to Christal Palace and back. Started at Brockley and completed on my way back from Christal Palace where I had gone for a biometric enrolment to obtain the Nigerian Identification Number (NIN).

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