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A treatise on pastoral jihadism, islamism, arabism and cultural imperialism in Nigeria
(Ephesians 5:14)


And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Matt 24:12

“What passes for the Nigerian nation is nothing more than a tragic arena, and Yar‘Adua is only the latest tragic figure. The vampires, including those within his own family, turned him into a mere inert resource for their diabolical schemes. They have a reckoning with their conscience, assuming they know what the word means. One can only hope that, while mouthing sanctimonious platitudes such as ‘Power belongs to God,’ they have now learned that the politics of Do-or-Die cannot guarantee who does and who dies. They must stop playing God. I pray for the repose of the soul of their latest, much abused innocent victim." - Professor Wole Soyinka.



The cabals are the power/government hijackers. They are the self-appointed power brokers and king makers thoroughly self-centred, very greedy, gluttonous, conscienceless, very animalistic, beastly and monstrous, very amoral, with zero morality, very ungodly and pharisaical, always carrying beads and praying everywhere they go, just to show off their spiritual credentials, yet they are thoroughly very hollow and very empty of everything and apart from their lack of moral rectitude and integrity, thoroughly destitute of ideas, very shameless, perpetually seeking political patronage - political appointments and contracts, which even though, they are not professionals and registered contractors with decades of extensive experience, they get from their equally morally bankrupt ilk in government, but will never execute any, having not the expertise and experience in the first place, but will sell such to fellow crooks, quacks and conscienceless network of 'contractors', who too will never, ever execute any contracts, leaving the nation's landscape dotted with avalanche of abandoned projects - and in bygone era, whenever the heat of accountability was on them for non execution of these contracts/projects, they would quietly retreat to their cronies/boys in the barracks whom they had given letters without GCE certificates to join the military and later recommended for promotions and poison the minds of these military idiot officers and instigate them to force regime change by way of coups; everyone in this cultic/mafia nonsense has blood on their hands; they are never always happy when there is peace and tranquility in Nigeria, hence they always take delight in heating up the polity at all times because like the vampires they are crises and blood profiteers; they and their multinational collaborators (international corporations cabals) are plunderers, bloody exploiters and expropriators, with extensive reach in the Middle East, very well known for their scopohillic and paedophillic activities, predators and cannibals, worms, carcasses and vultures, they revel in taking advantage of the poor, and they not only control all national institutions, but hold the nation by the jugular and it does not matter if it gets asphyxiated or not in the proccess/at the end, and they are reprobate and treacherous fools, whose ungovernable appetite for acquisitiveness and pecuniary gains are unparalleled in modern times, living unbriddled lives, having hundreds of wives and children with harems and concubines in all the regions of the world, all at the expense of the toiling masses of Nigeria - they are into all sorts of criminality - both organised and unorganised, and the law enforcement agencies in Nigeria do often develop cold feet and behave like grasshoppers before them, but one thing is certain, they may be above the law, but they are not above God and death.

What more can I say about these blood-sucking monstrous demons, except to say that like a person and their shadow, so are they to any Government in power (AGIP), they never leave the corridors of power and they decide how the country should be run and governed, including who gets what, how, where, when and why?
Although majorly from the North, they have their tentacles spread all over the nation, courtesy of their shameless cronies and errand boys and girls from the South, who even though are Christians are helping them turning desperate and greedy Christians to Islam with the petro-dollar wealth from the Gulf States, the House of Saud, such that you now have in the East, such funny titles as Alhaji Okonkwo Okongwu Otokoto (alias Chop-Gree-Die); Sheikh Maduka Nwabueze (a.k.a Chop Quench); Imam Shamsudeen Dokubo Al-Nigerianus (alias Chop Clean Mouth); Alfa Mogaji Utomi Chinedu-Clifford Orji (alias Chop Keep Quiet); Mallam Sarki Madubuko Akpabio (alias Cut Grass Take N10,000,000); Alfa Ikechukwu Ilodibe Otapiapia (alias National Cake); El-Rufai Qadaffi Maduka (alias I LOVE AISHA, GOD NO GO VEX), etc.
The cabals are compulsive and obsessive gamblers.

If I were a daughter of Eve, I should sooner prefer a love affair, copulating with a horse, having a one thousand-mile long genital than with these randy monsters with zero morality.

They often do flaunt their generally ill-gotten wealth with exotic cars and vespas of which none is manufactured in Nigeria; obscene mansions and castles, both at home and abroad - these days, particularly in Dubai; at public expense, the convoy of one person is 8 kilometre-long accompanied by battalions of army, air force, naval, police, para-military, custom and excise, immigration personnel and a host of others offering them protection, which the Nigerian people cannot even dream to have in their life time, whenever they set out on their meaningless criss-crossing around the country, causing trafiic of unimaginable proportion, disturbing, if not actually bringing economic activities to a halt.

Pharisees that they are, this disruption to economic activities by these predators is worse during their phoney Friday prayers as they usually block all major economic routes in towns and cities, all because they want to verbalise nonsense to their gambit god of mammon, and not the true God worshipped by all true Muslims and Christians.

To these worms and vultures, monsters and vampires, predators and beasts, not just money, but naked and raw power is the measure of value.
They and the so-called Hisbahs preach abstinence and moral piety to the talakawas (the poor), but go to hotels, motels, brothels and see how they disguise to mess up with married women in their hijabs and niqabs, including under-aged girls and boys who the ignorant mistake as their children as they lead them into their hotel rooms/suites, and such escapades of theirs are brought under miscellaneous for the tax payers to foot the bills.

The cabals created the monstrous Boko Haram with the petro-dollar wealth from the House of Saud with the sole objective of using them to fight their common enemies - the Christians in Nigeria, but due to public and global outcry, they belatedly began condemning their terrorists organizations - Boko Haram, Ansaru and others who all now carry out their dastardly acts and nefarious activities under the franchised name of Boko Haram, and having felt betrayed and abandoned, albeit, temporarily, Boko who now saw their creators as traitors, teaming up with the infidels/kafirs/Abeeds started attacking the likes of Ado Bayero, one Muhammadu Buhari, Major General Mohammed Shuwa and a host of others, including imams, Alfas, other emirs, whom they now see as traitors - in addition to attacking mosques randomly and indiscriminately alongside their original targets - Christians, their places of worship and anything that symbolises Christianity, and lately, the Shi'ites too have been openly added to their list of targets, even though, the bad blood between the Sunnis and the Shi'ites had been there since the death of the founder of their Movement as exemplified in the sordid relationship between the Sunnis and the Shi'ites in the Gulf region.

Hisbah, their other agents who have now taken over the job of policing in the Sharia States of Nigeriaghanistan collect bribes from prostitutes in the afternoon, only to later at night sneak into their poorly lit hotel/brothel/motel rooms to have a fling with them. This is part of the hypocrisy ongoing in the publicly/State/nationally funded Sharia States  - or you don't know Sharia, their Hisbahs, Sharia courts, all Sharia officials in the Sharia States and all emirs in the North are funded with the Federal allocations from the oil money gotten from the oil-endowed, but very poor Niger Delta region to these so-called Sharia States.

But why would the money from the Federal Republic of Nigeria, whose constitution is clear on the secular nature of the Nigerian Federation be used to fund Islamic States in the Islamic Republic of Nigeriaghanistan, especially when that money comes from the majorly Christian region of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

One would have thought that the so-called Sharia States having excised themselves from the Federal Republic of Nigeria via the adoption of a State religion in contradistinction to the relevant provision of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to form a separate country known and called the Islamic Republic of Nigeriaghanistan, would fund their Sharia projects with resources from their Islamic country - NIGERIAGHANISTAN, and their House of Saud backers, whose project, Sharia, in fact, is, instead of leaving it to the toiling masses of the Federal Republic of Nigeria - a different country from their NIGERIAGHANISTAN - the very "kafirs"/"infidels", whose arms and limbs they delight to cut, including actual beheading of these toiling Christian masses at the pleasure of Gida Usman Dan Fodiyo and the House of Saud in far off Gulf States.

Their hyper intolerance and violent tendency are legendary. The cabals are brutes, beasts, monsters, so brutish, brutal, beastly, monstrous, ruthless, carnivorous, cannibalistic and scopophilic. They suffer gross psychological inadequacy, arising from their very highly limited education, or those with a modicum of eduction, their problem could be due to the lack of enlightenment/illumination, which explains their very unrefinement and medievalism, which fuels their unparalleled capacity for brutality, their genocidal tendency, incomparable bestiality and monstrosity.

It is also the reason for their ferocious and brutal attacks on and actual beheading of national institutions such as the nation's educational system by one Jibril Aminu and supervised by one Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida with Ogbomosho roots, but now esconced on a hill as a SETTLER in Minna, in the present Niger State. Could someone help tell that boy to sell the ten cows, add the total amount to the already N500, 000 and give the money to charity or revive his wife's Better Life for Rural Dwellers or use it to set up a new charity with Halimat as COORDINATOR - aaaah! There you go again, COORDINATOR!

Remember what they once described as the "South's Mad Rush" (SMRE) for education", that vituperation of Nigerians, South of the Niger was followed with their mindless scrapping of the Satellite Campuses, and preceding this in bygone eras - the quota rubbish, total neglect of the education sector and the gagging of the press and the stifling of academic freedom on our campuses led to the exodus of Nigerian lecturers, especially those they had accused of teaching Nigerian students of what they were not being paid to teach, even together with other naturally very docile and compliant lecturers, from the nation's campuses, with some of them like Esau of yore, making themselves political egrets to the Southern cabals like Bola Ahmed Tinubu, preferring to be picking crumbs from the 'hunchbacks' of the cabals as egrets would pick lice from the back of cows.

At least, I am aware three of my former lecturers - all Professors of international renown are with Alhaja's adopted son, picking 'lice' from BAT's  'hunchback'. Shame on you all Profs - you lot did not teach me and others, (especially those things you were teaching us, which you were not being paid to teach, which were in fact, to me  the real education I personally took out of GREAT IFE!) to be following thieving politicians for mere pot of pottage.

Great Ife! Great Ife!

All the three of you could have done and even should now do is to set up a CULTURAL INSTITUTE like THE GOETHE INSTITUTE or a formidable think tank, wherein you shall make these AGBERO CAPITALISTS, apologies to another once great lecturer of mine, G.G. Darah, who too is now sold out to mammon, sinking to the point of writing to praise the Chief of sinners like Abacha, to pay for the ideas you will generate through such an institue or think tank. Anyone of you who is still around Bola Ahmed Tinubu doing MORE BLESSINGS, SIR, just for his ill-gotten wealth must get out this week or be permanently cursed.

Oi! I hear they took thirty jets to Minna to laugh at the talakawas, deriding them about how not to be poor. But just how many of those jets were manufactured in Niger State (NIGERIA) and Africa? Is this not the very reason I keep telling persons of African ancestry, both in private and in international fora that: AFRICANS ARE FOOLS?
Our President is my next door neighbour here in the United Kingdom - his three pilots eat at the expenses of the toiling masses of Nigeria at a Nigerian retaurant and put up in a hotel not far away from me.

In spite of this, I do really wish our President speedy recovery from the very depth of my heart as I cannot by nature bear to see people and any creature of God suffering, hence I have kept off discussing the President's health, excepting a personal letter to her EXCELLENCY, published on Vigilance and Scorpion on March 15, 2015, warning our First Lady to personally step forward to take charge of her husband's health and not allow the dogs, vultures and pigs around him, who go by the notorious name CABALS, and who delight in feeding from and making money out of the misfortunes of others.

However, I will record for posterity that Aisha, her children and all the members of the Buhari family have failed their HUSBAND, DADDY, BROTHER, UNCLE and COUSIN, for Mallam Muhammadu Buhari, first and foremost, is all of these to the Buhari family, before all that services to the nation have thrust upon him for the LARGER NIGERIAN FAMILY. But couldn't a Buhari and a Robert Mugabe, both currently receiving treatments in the United Kigdom and Singapore, respectively, have built a very solid and comprehensive hospital each in their countries such that other world leaders too could go there on MEDICAL VACATION? Can the reader see why I say: AFRICANS ARE FOOLS? And Mugabe especially, having ruled his country for upward of 37 years! Wait a minute, do African leaders and the so-called big people ever consider the inherent security implications, when they do go abroad for medical treatments?

Any way sha, enter SINA PETERS, send your health wish to Mr President:


By the way does anyone in that country still remember why Sina sang: GRAMMAR, GRAMMAR NO BE SUCCESS? I was at the PMANS's Award night at the National Theatre Orile-Iganmu, covering it then as a Reporter with The Guardain on Sunday, actually interviewing Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu when Sina Peters released the above verbal nuclear bomb (VNB). Trust yours sincerely, an ultra radical and very rebellious reporter, who is a believer in speaking the Queen's type English, I did justice to it in our then THE COCKTAIL CIRCUIT COLUMN of The Guardian on Sunday.

Honestly, what we all do need as a people to help our President take enough rest in order for him to recover very speedily is our prayer for him for a sound health in a sound body, fuelled by unalloyed patriotism. And to enable this to happen, Mr President needs three things from all of us as fellow Nigerians and the three virtues that he needs from us to recuperate and bounce back to health are:

Nevertheless, the journalist in me will not fail to ask these questions on behalf of posterity:

⦁    How long shall the nation/Nigerians wait for Mr President?
⦁    How long should the nation wait for Mallam Muhammadu Buhari to recover?
⦁    Is it fair for a foremost African nation to be so disrespected by their President, the cabals, the BUHARI FAMILY and the President's KILE JEKU(?) aides?
⦁    Is a citizen indispensable to their nation?
⦁    Is Buhari indispensable to the over 200 million other Nigerians?
⦁    Is this fair?
⦁    Is this the CHANGE for which Nigerians voted?
⦁    What else does a Buhari want?
⦁    What sort of service/s does Buhari want to give to Nigeria now that he has not been able to give in his earlier stations of service to the nation that he is hanging on to give at the detriment of his overall health and general well-being?
⦁    Will Nigeria collapse without Mallam Muhammadu Buhari?
⦁    Does Mallam Muhammadu Buhari so hate himself?
⦁    Does Muhammadu Buhari so hate his beautiful Aisha and their lovely children?
⦁    Does Mallam Buhari so hate Nigeria?
⦁    Is this indeed, the country Buhari as a young man risked his life to fight to keep together, or he was merely doing jihad, carrying out the biddings of the palaces?
⦁    Is it fair for one man to bring a whole nation, Africa's largest nation on the planet earth, offering a natural umbrella to all persons of African ancestry to a stand still for such a very long period of time, courtesy of his health status?
⦁    Is it right for one person to halt the march of civilization of a people?
⦁    Is this what is called love and an unalloyed patriotism for one's fatherland?
⦁    What ought to be the limits of selfishness, greed and lust for power?
⦁    Who really are to blame - the cabals or Buhari and all members of his family - nuclear and extended and the whole North and all his military constituent, particularly Olu Obasanjo who has no iota of regard for the Nigerian people when twice he had imposed men with terminal illnesses on fellow Nigerians and gave them a weakling, whose ineptitude is unparalled in modern times?

In 1979 after Olu had left office on October the 1st of that year,  an Obasanjo was asked if he would consider himself a success or a failure, he had replied: "You know if a leader has succeeded or not by the kind of people that succeeded him - that he had left behind."

Therefore, bearing in mind that those who had succeed him - whom he had left behind since 1979 - 2007, when he left office twice, respectively as a General/military Head of State - it has been one disaster after another for OUR GREAT NATION. The matter is made worse when one realises that Olu himself had personally selected these rotten fruits and forced fellow Nigerians to be eating them! This being the case, is Olusegun Obasanjo a success or a stuppendous failure? Let's debate this: IS OBASANJO A SUCCESS OR A FAILURE - in discussing this, scholars and journalists must use Obasanjo's immortal expression above to measure and judge him.

Returning to our core subject matter: THE DISSECTION OF THE CABALS - all their negative influences upon the national psyche, their beheading of the national institutions just as monsters, Boko Haram have been beheading human beings, the re-arrangement of the nation's value system, moving it from a nation that had once placed a high premium on hard work, services to God and the nation and a questioning one with enviable records of stewardships and an unparalleled accountability system to that of mindless acquisitiveness and unbriddled dissipated lifestyle, coupled with that of becoming obscenely wealthy without working for such wealth and without sweating, where the lust for power in the fashion of the military of yore have become the order of the day - all these over the years,  have contributed to turning away the attention of Nigerian students, youths generally from pursuing knowledge/learning to material acquisition and the subsequent death of activism in Nigeria, whether on campuses or in the larger Nigerian society, such that our campuses have now moved from their graveyard status to morgues - and Nigerian students, mere walking corpses and cultists, suffering academic blindness and deafness, and becoming crumbs hunters too - Nigerian students, lamentably cannot distinguish between wrong and right any more - in the past, they were caught up in the haze of relativism, and in recent times, battling with the new ideology - the post truth, now made worse in the Trumpian Age!

The birth of the Ekiti cicada or the Ekiti weaver bird or the Ekiti canary or the Ekiti parrot became possible due to the death of genuine and conscientious activism. Thus, moving activism from the highest plane of morality to its current deep valley of BUTTER ACTIVISM...More blessings, sir! Kilejeku? Wetin you bring come for de boys, Oga? Oga, wetin you chop remain(?), hence the newsrooms in Nigeria and other national spaces for humanistic and conscientious campaigns are now full of POLITICAL CATTLE EGRETS (PCEs)! - where the likes of Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the real 'cow' on whose hunchback Nigerian journalists now pick 'lice' from and do feed fat from.

Perhaps, as coached by the last and highly partisan British colonial admnistrator, Sir James Robertson, the cabals have been in their evil laboratories creating monsters to steal, kill, maim, destroy and dispossess Nigerians outside of their stock - Christians, particularly Ndigbo, whom their first experiment in that monstrosity claimed millions of the lives of the Igbos, who were brutally/gruesomely murdered and beheaded as it has continued onto this day in Nigeria.

The reader can therefore, see that Boko Haram are not the first set of monsters they had created and nurtured for the sole purpose of unleashing them on those whom they so love to hate - the Christians, and after Boko, more and more vicious and wicked monsters are coming out of their satanic laboratories.

Nigerians, particularly Christians are in for a hard time as more of these monsters are now being groomed in Madrassas - their nursery beds of violence in mosques and every unimaginable hideouts in Nigeria and around the Islamic world, just as their ancestors created the very vicious monsters that perpetrated the pogrom.
It must here be revealed that through Boko Haram, many of the so-called cabals have become multi-billionaires just by supplying these monsters weapons, foods and accoutrements with the money got from the Gulf States through certain banks, radical charities and Middle Eastern embassies based in Nigeria.

I dare say that the two most dangerous and satanic people in Nigeria of today are Lawal Musa Daura and Abba Kyari. These are in fact, the real ACTING PRESIDENTS, whilst that house boy, Oluleke Osinbajo is a mere coordinator, doing errand boy in the Presidency! As Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, let Oluleke Osinbajo summon the courage to sack these two idiots with immediate alacrity, for they are both a danger to the NIGERIAN DREAM. Can he do that this week? Let's wait and see.

But who does the auditing of the NIGERIA ARMY ORDNANCE CORP?

Amongst these amoral groups are the emirs, top ranking civil servants, military and the police, both retired and serving, political officials, business men and women, top para-military personnel, ambassadors, Governors, Muslim clerics, etc.


As they criss-cross the nation night and day re-enacting their now well-worn satanic strategies to the disregard of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, this is my wake-up call to all fellow Nigerians, home and in the Diaspora to rise as one people to defend democracy within ONE NIGERIA and not by way of self-determination.

Here are the various options they now have close to their chests as they now 'giraffe' the Presidency, night and day - and the Presidency must do well to weed out all borderless and private agents spying and eavesdropping for intensely ambitious politicians waiting on the wings to reap from a probable misfortune - these private agents spying on the Presidency for their political masters are the people I had referred to as political cattle egrets - and amongst this group include unarguably some pen pushers - and there must be a shake-up in the Presidency and in the military immediately to weed out these spies, unpatriotic and dissident elements.


The Vice President must never, ever in that exalted, but "lonely and high office" be carried away by possible phoney solidarity visits to the Presidency or such messages that will be either privately/openly expressed or as may be published in the media, declaring "full support" by any Nigerian politcal angel because Section 145 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended is very succinct, with respect to any ontological untowardness to the incumbent President, but must be guided by God and the nation's past in order to create and make a better NOW,  and an enduring cum betterest future for the Nigerian people, and by extension, all persons of African ancestry, and go on to reclaim Nigeria's lost glory in the comity of nations and secure therein for her, a permanent place that cannot be wind-shaken or corroded by the vicissitudes of time.


"And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold", Matt 24:12

1. Bugle;
2. Caretaker Government;
3. Interim National Government;
4. Any one from their midst;
5. The Wife of the President;
6. The so-called Government of National Unity (GONU)
7. Causing the 'disappearance' of certain politicians, activists and media personnel;
8. Sinner is allowed to complete the tenure of his joint ticket with Baba Daura, or be made to face the Shonekian fate as spear-headed by the then errand boy of the cabals, Sani Abacha - and they would go on to mount a gigantic road block as himself and the the ring leader of the South West cabals are sure to slug it out on the streets afterwards for the golden stool;
9. (a). Two likely crises envisaged: Jagaban v Jagaban ( in a tussle herein referred to as: AFTER HIM, NA ME).



⦁    (b.) EHOES OF  1824 (Afonja v Salih Janta); Obafemi Awolowo v Samuel Ladoke Akintola (with the latter turning to the - cabals in the Hausa-Fulani Government of Tafawa Balewa for help, with Dr. Moses Adekoyejo Majekodunmi benefitting as Sole Administrator for Western Region), 1962; Obafemi Awolowo v the Cabals (the Balewa Government/ Justice George Sodeinde Sowemimo of the MY HANDS ARE TIED IGNOMINY), 1963; Brigadier Femi Ogundipe v Yakubu Gowon, 1966 ( a junior officer refusing to take order from the then Brigadier - this is likely to be worse as the COORDINATOR-GENERAL OF THE FEDERATION is already facing humiliation and will be facing worse than Ogundipe's in the coming days); June 12, 1993 ( Moshood Kashimawo Abiola v Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida); Ernest Shonekan v Sani Abacha, November 17, 1993; OLU OBASANJO & THE INTRODUCTION OF FULL SHARIA IN NINE NORTHERN STATES AND PARTIALLY IN THREE OTHERS, 1999; THE DOCTRINE OF NECESSITY SAGA (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan v the cabals & Nigerians v the cabals), 2010; and currently, OLULEKE OSINBAJO v THE CABALS (Yoruba/South West - Oduduwa v Arewa/Gamji - Gida Usmanu Dan Fodiyo) - and by extension, Nigerians v the Cabals)...A FAKE 'DANIEL' IN THE DEN OF LIONS.

Thus, my understanding of Nigerian politics tells me that as perceived by the cabals a mere coordinator, a status more elavated than how I see him at Gida Usuman Dan Fodiyo as a mere omo odo (Yoruba for house boy), and on top of that in the eyes of the Hausa and Fulani people, just another kafir and an abeed from the South, whose ancestors and the present generation of his Yoruba ethnic nationality have continued to be looked down upon and highly disrespected since 1824 beginning from the power tussle between Afonja and Salih Janta, leading to the seizure of Ilorin from the descendants of Oduduwa, such that the Ilorin emirate and in fact, the whole of Kwara State remains subserviently and obsequiously subject to the whole of the Sokoto Caliphate, even though moribound as far as I am concerned, under the current Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammadu Sa'ad Abubakar IV.

Oluleke Osinbajo's humiliation in the hands of the cabals will be worse because he is actually coordinating nothing - for example, where was Oluleke when the Chief of Staff to the President, arrogant and nepotistic Abba Kyari was removing vital files to an unknown destination - those files are public files and if the Presidency is for the whole of Nigeria, and not just AREWA HOUSE or GIDA USMANU DAN FODIYO in a Sharia Zone of NIGERIAGHANISTAN, therefore, belong to all Nigerians?

In that exalted office, I dare say with all sense of responsiblity that Leke has no control over anything, and NOT even himself and his natural family in the Presidency;
He does NOT have control over the armed forces, the police, the para-military, the civil service or any so-called national space within the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. At best, he is just another very powerless bloody civilian who had by the nature of the nation's dirty politics been manipulated up - thrown and catapaulted up by circumstantial forces.

The way the so-called Nigeria Army/Armed Forces, which to me are non-existent, but just the Hausa and Fulani Army, which it has been since 1863 as THE GLOVER HAUSAS formed by Lt Glover of the then Royal Navy and later THE HAUSA CONSTABULARY, when formally constituted into a Force in 1865, is currently constituted, a private in this our erroneously called Nigeria Army/Armed Forces, would rather take or carry out an order from a fellow Hausa and Fulani Lance Corporal than from the mere HOUSE BOY-COORDINATING VICE-ACTING PRESIDENT!

Mark my word, in the current HAUSA AND FULANI PRESIDENCY located in Abuja, to many Hausa and Fulani people is reckoned amongst the so-called Northern States, totalling 20 and to them the so-called Federal Capital Territory is just another SHARIA STATE/ZONE, the Chief of Staff or the Director of the Killer Squad called: State Security Service are sozzled with naked and crude power to deny the Coordinating Acting President the use of the Presidential jets!

More, can the Acting President carry any major changes such as Cabinet reshuffle which is long over due in the absence of the President - or sign or actually award any major contract in the absence of the President?

As the stage is now set for the drama to keep unfolding, the nation, and indeed, the wider world is waiting and watching with unabated breath and in earnest expectation as to how this drama, having started will end.

Hasn't Osinbajo downgraded himself by reducing himself before the Arewa elements in Katsina to the status of a "son" and "brother" in utter disregard for the ethnic nationality he is representing within the Federal Republic of Nigeria in which all the federating units and their representatives in public offices should be operating and functioning as co-equals?

Psychoanalytically speaking, an Osinbajo entertains a high level of psychological inadequacy (inferiority complex) before a President Muhammadu Buhari and whenever he finds himself in the midst of the power brokers of the Northern States of Nigeria, has continued to manifest his fiidgety, panicky and nervous tendencies through his body language, for he shakes Mr Buhari with two-two hands, using a Nigerian expression; through the way he seats in the corners of sofas when with the Presidents, emirs, Generals and foreign dignitaries during group photographs - it does seem as each time people connive to deny him respectable spaces and positions as he is always standing sideways, as if about to be pushed out in such group photographs or just rushed in to sqeeze himself in the midst of these dignitaries in order to show off as an excited school pupil taking a group photograph with their school Principal and other teachers.

10. "Destroy this Temple".


⦁    Sharia;
⦁    Boko Haram;
⦁    Obvious hereditary privildge in all public appointments since May 29, 2015;
⦁    Cultural transfer
⦁    Katsina 51
⦁    Most recent changes in the military, especially with respect to Sector 1, South West GOC;
⦁    Sector II, South West GOC;
⦁    Removal of vital public files from the President's Office to an unknown destination by the CoS to the President immediately after the departure of the President for treatment in the United Kingdom;
⦁    The capturing and subsequent caliphatization of all the so-called national institutions and spaces;
⦁    The role of the so-called Islamic Development Bank in the so-called educational and infrastructural development in Nigeria.



The stage is set and seated were the hawks from the West, the polar bears from Eastern Europe, donkeys from the Gulf States, dragons from Asia, cows, goats and sheep from the Savanna, antelopes from the South East, yams from the Middle Belt, croccodiles from the Niger Delta and hippos from the South South axis of the former South Eastern State. With the ubiquitous presence of the armed forces personnel, all carrying guns and hand grenades, the light was switched on, and a man of the North was seen soliloquizing and later became consciousness of his environment as another fellow from Gida Usmanu Dan Fodiyo emerged:

Enter 1st Cabal: (Adjusting his agbada and doing the usual 1, 500 - a mannerism of the political officials having their national dress on, signifying their status in the Nigerian society. He was fuming, shouting and screaming):

Walai, Dis a degrace! It is scandalous...abunam.

2nd Cabal: (Unnoticed at first by the first cabal who had been in a heat of fierce anger. He was constantly nodding his head to show agreement with the other cabal).

Gaskiya! Gaskiya ne. We did not complete Yar'Adua's tenure in the name of the so-called Doctrine of Necessity and generously gave them power for the sake of national unity and peaceful co-existence.

1st Cabal: The Battle of Ife was a test case for the impending NATIONAL BATTLE and anyone out there thinking of another Doctrine of Necessity and its applicability this time round should go and have their head examined at the nearest psychiatric hospital.

(He opened his brief case and brought out a copy of the Constitution. In that anger, still fuming, he deeped his hand into his pocket and brought out a lighter, lit the constitution and burnt it to ashes).

Mallam, please hold, hold it for me. This is the book Mallam Yadudu conjectured and wrote.

(Immediately the light gradually begins to fade away, leaving the two silhoutted against the fading light as the curtains on either sider automatically started drawing to a close. Absolute darkeness, chaos and a fussilade of thunder and lightning accompanied, as if the heavens have gone mad again).

Exeunt, the two cabals:

A word is not only enough for the wise, nor a stich in time saves nine, but TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FORE ARMED! And Nigerians must bear in mind that: TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH.

Need I remind the security community not to be over confident?

***To be continued.


John Odey Aduma was formely Executive Secretary, Foundry Association of Nigeria; Southern Coordinator of President Muhammadu Buhari's pastoralists NGO - THE PASTORAL RESOLVE; Chairman, Editorial Board of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc; member, National Committee for the Nigerian Youth Festival, 1993; member, core Committee of the National Tecnology Summit and was the Summit's chairman for two of its sub-committees - Publicity and Exhibition, 1998; member of the Administrative Panel of Inquiry set up by President Olusegun Obasanjo to investigate the illegal trade in and smuggling of endagered species of wild fauna and flora into and out of Nigeria, 2003.

He was the Chairman, Planning Committee of the General Murtala Muhammed Memorial Lecture for two consecutive years, 2001 and 2002 before it attained a Foundation status in 2002, having first been upgraded to that status in 2001. General Murtala Muhammed was one of Nigeria's former Heads of State and was killed in the abortive coup led by the then Colonel Buka Suka Dimka on February 13, 1976.

That same capacity saw Mr Aduma delivering huge succcesses during the Daily Times of Nigeria's 75th Anniversary (in which he raked in N6, 000, 000 into the coffers of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc) and also, playing a similar role in a similar capacity during  Dr Isma'il Babatunde Jose's 75th Birth Day. Dr Jose, doyen of Nigerian journalism was Mr Aduma's personal mentor. That relationship was so close and solid such that whilst Aduma was leaving the shores of Nigeria for Britain in 2003, Dr Jose gave him N10, 000.00.

In 1992, Mr Aduma's contributions to journalism was recognised with  the awards of the Nigeria Media Merit Award as the Investigative Reporter of the Year and the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence as the Reporter of the Year, and also, the British Chevening Scholarship, which saw him studying International Journalism at City University of London in 2003-2004, with specialism in Environment.

Aduma is the author of the inspirational best-seller, THE DIAMONDS ARE HERE and the founder of Vigilance, the World's Leading Security Magazine and Scorpion News Corp, in addition to founding the Nationalists Unity Movement of Nigeria (NUMON).

God bless our Nigeria.

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