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Monday, 27 July 2020 23:30


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In Condemnation of the Unparalleled Tyranny and State Terrorism in the United States of America at a time of the Rudderlessness of the global ship having no Captain.

Dear Donny Boy,

This is a quit notice to you to begin to clean up your desk and tender your resignation immediately or be swept away by Hurricane George via the imminent forces of the Floydian Effects which like the East winds is sure to sweep you out of that hallowed ground of service you have in the last three and a half years desecrated and turned into a 4th World country.

All Americans and the wider world are stunned that you are still carrying on in your trademark arrogance and crass insensitivity despite the fact that it is a known fact in all realms and climes that you are a stupendous failure – in fact, the first of such in that exalted office, hitherto reserved only for the exalted minds amongst the Americans, into which you had gate-crashed, and since then, has been disrupting and scattering things like an irritant suckling, not only in America, but throughout the known modern world.

Need I stress here that you have failed on all fronts, both in domestic and foreign affairs.

Donny boy, you should hang your head in shame that you couldn’t even make a success of your pet slogans – AMERICA FIRST, nor are you able to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN nor KEEP AMERICA GREAT as your only pre-occupations even as President are THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION, and profit, profit and nothing but profit!

Very worrisome also, is the FACT that America under you has failed in her divine right of SERVICE to God and humanity by failing in the last three years to lead the world as is expected of GREAT AMERICA, hence you have changed America’s much cherished and envied motto: IN GOD WE TRUST to IN DOLLAR WE TRUST/IN PROFIT WE TRUST, placing money and profits above human lives, the GREAT AMERICAN PEOPLE and the entire HUMANITY.

After over 149, 954 deaths and confirmed cases of 4,359,356 of your fellow Americans as at 27 July, 2020, you have continued to act and behave like a motor park tout and as if these were the deaths of mere flies and cases of ants unworthy of your attention.

Donny boy, if you still have any modicum of conscience within you, and if you do fear God, you must as a matter of a strong warning resign immediately and go play your golf and leave alone, America, Americans and the peoples of the world whom you have divided and scattered.

Now before I retire to rest, can you immediately withdraw those beasts of America (BOA) you have released onto the streets of America to prey on your hapless fellow Americans?

So, what’s now the difference between America under you and China, including such other countries as North Korea, Russia, Nigeria and the Third World nations? In so short a time you have turned America from being the land of possibilities into the land of impossibility, tears and of untold anguish; from the land of liberty, peace and justice to the land that swallows up peace, liberty and justice and to the land that devours its inhabitants.

Presidents Muhammadu Buhari, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un must warn Donald Trump to immediately get his monstrous beasts off the streets of the United States of America or expect the worst sanctions in human history.

But can America under you still preach morality, culture and democracy to the nations of the world?

Whilst the whole world very earnestly wait to see your back, may the good Lord bless the American people as they prepare to sack you in the November Presidential Election should you not have the decency and the moral grace to leave THE WHITE HOUSE willingly and with shame before November 2020.

As my very strong warning to all Americans, despite the lack of a competent and viable alternative under the circumstance, the American people who have brought themselves to this global obloquy by fielding the two most objectionable alternatives – Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden, should consider going for in this case, the worse objectionable alternative, rather than make the mistake of bringing Donald Trump back  to the White House.

As my strongest warning, Donald himself must not manipulate or attempt to do so in the said election in order to return to that hallowed ground of service in November, lest he faces the merciless wrath of the Lord.

Lest I forget, all those American evangelicals goading that BEAST OF AMERICA, including all the white supremacists, hailing Trump and singing: “he is a jolly good fellow” are not worthy of Christ, America nor the label: CHRISTIANS and must all severally bury their heads in shame.

But should the American people allow him to come back to perfect his damage to the Americans and the world, then they must change their national motto to: IN DONALD TRUMP WE TRUST instead of IN GOD WE TRUST.

My dear peoples of the world, whilst we all await the coming of the new crop of world leaders - purposeful, visionaries, dreamers, spiritually-minded with the highest moral integrity and philosophers to rescue the sinking global ship, I do earnestly ask you to join with me to cry out to the Lord in the manner of His disciples during the heavy storm over a ship at the sea of Galilee: SAVE THOU LORD, LEST WE PERISH!

Donny boy, here’s hoping to see your back soonest - thou must go; and go, thou must.


Yours in the service of God and humanity,



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